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Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

Once you have decided to carry out your studies at the academic You probably noticed that some races are quite expensive. However, there is an allowance that you can accept for your career that is Ser Pilo Pays.

If you want to catch this grant here we’ll explain how you can order it and more.

pilo pays

What are Saber Tests

These are assessments that have some results and analyzes that are given through factors that are associated with and affect student performance. This allows entities educational, the ministry of national education, the secretaries of education and society in general.

You can identify all values Skills and the knowledge that Colombian students develop in their school career. These independently with their source economic, social and cultural conditions, by which they are defined.

Several plans to improve the scopes their performance. They are of a periodic nature in which it is responsible for enableand assess progress over a given period of time.

And establish with them a covenant with programs and actions that can specify your improvement

For more information on respect You can get it at the following link: click here

What is the purpose of Saber testing

These tests have the following objectives:

They are used to contribute to improving the quality of Education in Colombia, through evaluations that are applied periodically.

In order to carry out the monitoring that require the development of some basic skills, for all students.

In particular for those who to belong at the level of basic education to ensure quality monitoring

You have to verify that the degree of development with respect to the competence of the students who are completing the last grade of the Education half

Provides some elements for the student to carry out his life project and his self-assessment.

Provides all institutions educational information that is relevant to students’ skills.

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Who wants to get into their programs for the Education higher education, as well as what will be chosen as the basis.

Because what corresponds to making drawings of Software leveling and preventing school dropout in this series

The quality of education is monitored in the installations educational institutions in the country, giving basis to what will be called basic standards.

For skills and references of quality which will be issued through the Ministry of National Education.

You must provide the necessary information for the establishment for added value in high school or higher

It should serve as one of the sources of training in order to build the quality indicators used in education.

They also serve as a source that training establishments offering high school education to reorient teaching practices

What is the Ser Pilo Paga program

The be pilo pay program is provided by government Colombia through an agreement with ICETEX.

It aims to promote quality and excellence at the level of higher education, for students with less economic resources

This is a Program that started to be implemented in 2014 at that time the minister of education was Gina Parodi

This is supported by an agreement from the superior number 2034 that speaks of the desired excellence of higher education that is desired in Colombia

That has a lineament including with regard to access, assessment and permanence

Establishes that there is a flexible and inclusive higher education to be able to attend all the requirements educational.

Of those who access this system, this is how they were granted more than 10,000 credits

Who were the best ICFES country, this can only be requested in higher education or for credit renewal

What are the requirements to be Pilo Paga

Among the requirements that will be Requested to receive credit from be pilo pays:

  1. You must have sent the respective test know about last year and get three hundred and ten points or more on them
  2. Needs to be a recipient sisben, and this has a score equal to or less than 57.21
  3. They must have applied and been accepted into one of the 33 universities that have been accredited as high quality
  4. Graduation in profession which you chose when applying for the scholarship

What are the benefits of the Ser Pilo Paga program

  1. The credit you have is 100% forgivable the moment you are a student, you graduate in your career
  2. The entire value of subscription who has the entire study period
  3. You will receive a grant for their support
  4. A co-signer is not required to Support, support this credit

O student whoever obtains this credit can:

You can defer a maximum of two times for whatever reason is out of reach, like military service

You can only change programs in the four first months of your initial career only once, with the commission you should only have a maximum difference of 20%

pilo pays 2

If the beneficiary exceeds who must pay to the rest of the course, plus additional expenses

Registration is totally Free to be presented at any public institution that may be part of the program.

In case of institutions private will be free only for three

You will be recognized at half a minimum wage with an incentive of expenses academics, field trips, transportation and others

The beneficiary will only be free to pay this credit only when the student graduated

All private universities have made a commitment that the value Yearly enrollment of students in be pilo pays

It will not increase above the rate that higher education costs, this mode the program can be financially sustained over time


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