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Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

Requirements to be an Attorney: Here you will find the information you need, the legal entities of our country are civil and considerate entities.

All legalization procedures and requirements for being a lawyer are significant for citizens involved in legal work activities


Getting involved in the legal organizations of our country is a reason of great appreciation for those who fulfill the requirements established to be a lawyer

If you are looking to become a national lawyer and ask yourself What are the requirements for becoming a lawyer?, or what should i do to be one? , I do not care anymore

Stay with us to find these and much more information!

What is the Attorney General of the Nation

In the national territory, the inclusion of new attorney generals must be a lot of importance not only for legal entities, but for society


When we refer to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation we are talking about one of the most relevant organizations in a country

Being a nation’s attorney general entails a series of administrative and legal tasks that must be met to the letter to avoid any type of sanction.

The agencies linked to the Attorney General’s Office are:

  • Public ministry: This entity is responsible for sending a series of administrative documents to the Attorney General’s Office
  • Public Defender’s Office: the Public Defender’s Office is linked to the Attorney’s Office by the territory’s offices
  • Country prosecutors: Our country’s prosecutors are high-ranking officials who make legal decisions

In addition to fulfilling the requirements to be a solicitor, this delegate must assume administrative and state positions during the established period.

What is the role of the Attorney General of the Nation

There are many roles and objectives that a lawyer must fulfill, in addition to assuming a number of responsibilities within the legal areas

It is worth mentioning that all functions must be carried out full time and with total clarity due to the high demands that exist today.

Balance of justice

Among the main functions of being attorney general to exercise this important position are:

  • Validate documents for small and large companies
  • Administrative, criminal, lawyers and civil servants in general
  • Be governed by the national constitution
  • Protect the correct exercise of criminal charges under state law
  • To announce jointly with the Public Ministry and the Public Defender’s Office administrative adjustments and other formalizations
  • Indicate and warn about irregular events that violate public laws
  • Become a human and labor rights insurer
  • Have total impartiality in legal proceedings
  • Grant approval or refusal of criminal applications (with the help of national criminal entities)
  • Supervise investigations of criminal cases
  • Attend meetings of public and private jurisdictions
  • Channel complaints with greater relevance in public services

In addition to these functions, the attorney-in-fact will be responsible for signing and reviewing the legal acts and documents that the Public Prosecutor and the entities must request for their authentication.

Justice and legal mandates must influence the main functions of the citizen who wishes to run for public prosecutor

What are the requirements for being a prosecutor

It should be noted that the requirements established and requested for all Colombian citizens who wish to be prosecutors are provided for in Article 232 of the Political Constitution.

As we mentioned before, all legal procedures must be carried out with a series of documents and especially more when it comes to taking a highly relevant position

Each candidate for Attorney General of the Nation must review his personal documentation before registering for the elections for the aforementioned position and thus obtaining his registration successfully.

Requirements to be an Attorney

The requirements established by article 232 of the Political Constitution to be a lawyer are:

  • Born in Colombia by naturalness
  • Get a certificate from Argado de la República
  • Have no record of conviction for any judicial or corruption act
  • Being of legal age
  • Not having had a court sentence
  • At least one citizen who aspires to be a prosecutor must have between 15 or 16 years of experience in the country’s judicial sector
  • Has some estimated years of work in the Public Ministry (university professor or relevant position)
  • Candidates who have previously participated in an election for solicitor are excluded.

Remember that candidates for this position will assume the position of chief prosecutors and make very important decisions within that institution

You need to be aware that these requirements are similar to applying for the position of chief magistrate in the ministry.

How to elect the Attorney General of the Nation

As soon as the person finds the Requirements to be an Attorney You must formalize your registration with the Federal Supreme Court, the Public Ministry and the Council of State.

What are the requirements for registering with the State Electoral Commission

Applications must be made on the date indicated by the legal persons on their main pages, so the applicant must be attentive to the web portal of the Public Ministry

After the Supreme Court and the State Council have verified the documents, it will indicate to citizens that they fulfill the requirements required to be a solicitor.

The electoral process is carried out as follows:

  1. Supreme court elects 23 magistrates
  2. Since the Supreme Court will have three final candidates who will be chosen by the National Senate
  3. The election is held internally and the results are announced announcing the nation’s new Attorney General

note: The candidate selected for the position must appear in January of next year before the President of the Republic, who will award him.

How many years does the Attorney General of the Nation last?

What is the State Electoral Commission (CEE)

The duration of this position is established by both public ministry, the Supreme Court and the Senate

The Attorney General will serve for four years and must comply with all labor commitments throughout this estimated period

It is important to bear in mind that the magistrate chosen for the position cannot be replaced during the full four years of his term in the Public Ministry.

Of course, there are cases where if the treatment is violated and the lawyer fails to comply with any of them illegally, he will be removed from his position.

How important is the Attorney General of the Nation

As a Prosecutor, you are not only the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but also very important decisions must be made within this great ministry


The main importance of being a promoter is to lead the country’s organizations on the path of justice and to agree on the rules.

Among the most important areas to assume this position are:

  • Complete legal procedures
  • Supervise the proper functioning of the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • Change or position positions
  • Indicate parameters within the public legal sphere
  • Participate and agree on agreements at magisterial meetings

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