Requisitos para ser Profesor de Secundaria: Entérate de lo que debes saber

If you want to be a high school teacher in Spain, but still don’t have enough knowledge, keep reading and you will know what Requirements to be a high school teacher and more … Keep reading!

Requirements to be a secondary teacher

What is a high school teacher

It is an individual who, upon obtaining sufficient knowledge, makes the decision to transfer them to other people, who would become his students between 12 and 17 years old. He differentiates himself from the others by being an individual with a lot of empathy, respect, patience and willingness to help others.

He also takes the time to teach things beyond lesson planning, write reports or didactic preparation, such as specific or general values ​​and knowledge, because although the boys are already in a higher stage, it will never hurt to continue teaching values.

We can see that education is structured in three phases, as the study center, the students and the teacher; the teacher has a very important position, since you must find a way to teach using methodologies, support tools and creative resources.

All those who aspire to be teachers must be well aware of the great responsibility and commitment that it implies such a position, both socially and personally.

Once you have thought, understood and accepted the commitment that this profession implies, you will be able to observe what are the decisions and the correct way to reach people. critical, responsible, attentive, cultured and, above all, human.

What is the Master of Secondary Teachers

Requirements to be a secondary teacher

It is a master’s degree for the exercise of a professional orientation indispensable for the exercise of the function of teacher of compulsory secondary education, professional training and bachelor’s degree, which usually replaces the old pedagogical aptitude certificate or CAP.

It is special for the student who passed the undergraduate study, a bachelor’s or diploma and aspires to be a teacher of vocational or secondary education.

The approaches to the various pedagogical specialties of this master They are carried out according to the degree necessary for admission to the different teaching staff.

According to Department of Education resolutions, which is the organization that manages access to the internship scholarship for the teaching staff of professional or secondary education, it is necessary to be acquiring a university degree in accordance with the master’s specialty or suitable.

What are the requirements for being a secondary teacher

  • Being over 18, do not exceed the retirement age
  • Have the necessary capacity to adapt to all students; everyone is different, so a good teacher must know how to dictate his class so that students who have difficulty understanding and students who are always one step ahead are not bored.
  • Have Spanish nationality, or, if applicable, have the nationality of another member state of the European Union.
  • Learn how to promote teamwork; think your students must overcome greater challenges When they go out into the real world, they will have to work or cooperate with several people of different minds.
  • Be qualified to exercise the master’s degree, and have no inconvenience that prevents it.
  • Educate students with values, is the most important and essential thing to do a class for students.
  • No disciplinary record in any administration.
  • Have no legal cause of incompatibility or disability, according to current regulations.

Requirements to be a secondary teacher

What personal qualities should a good teacher have

  1. Always be responsible, implying that they are met with the same standards and expectations that students demand, and are also very egalitarian and fair. Take into account that the best way to teach values ​​is by example.
  2. Be a little flexible so that your students understand that you are a professional, but you can also be dynamic and react to students’ needs and the surroundings that surround them.
  3. Be part of those teachers who manage to integrate the reality of their teachings and the current context, in this way, students can feel involved, committed and better understand the concepts.
  4. Learn to detect the needs of each of your students, because your class is made up of a lot of diversity and different skills, with gaps and different ways to adapt to your pace and work routine, what they need to succeed.
  5. In due course, you must think, mediate and focus to demonstrate to students behaviors that help them in the search for conflict resolution and social skills.
  6. Cooperation is one of the key points to be an excellent teacher and to work with administrators, students’ parents and other teachers. You must renew your knowledge and be in full training, so that you can integrate new knowledge, complement classes, tools, new methodologies or resources.
  7. You can find other ways, as needed, to connect with studentsand be willing to ensure that students receive the necessary information.
  8. You must be able to empathize and recognize the situations and problems that students may face. It helps if you try to put yourself in the boys’ shoes, see things from their point of view and help them develop the skills and abilities that will help them overcome and mature against the challenges.
  9. Seeks the ability to attract the attention of all students and obtain the ability to maintain it during class time, so you need to design a fresh, interesting and fresh class style, where students show curiosity, motivating them to learn outside the classroom.

What are the benefits of being a secondary teacher

Requirements to be a secondary teacher

Next, we’ll talk about some benefits obtained by individuals who make the decision to pursue this career:

You don’t get an excessive amount of work, since you can share the burdens and pressures that teaching can bring.

You gain learning opportunities, as students will teach you a lot to be a good teacher; in addition to sharing conflicts, failures and frustrations that can help reduce your stress talking to the other teachers, as they can advise and help you.

You will have a high degree of knowledge, currently, each teacher should know a little about each subject.

You can take advantage of the use of resources today to feed your classes, such as social media, Through them you can communicate with your students, send assignments or communications by mail or any other website.

You are free to structure your classes as much as your imagination and creativity allow., as long as the respect of the students and their part is maintained.

This career will never be routine, as this profession offers you a wide range of fields where you can live different experiences.

You will have an extended vacation, where you can spend a lot of time to enjoy with your family; You must also take into account that it is not a full-time profession, you can have plenty of time for yourself and your personal activities.

What is the salary of a teacher in Spain

Requirements to be a secondary teacher

Note that in Andalusia the salary is: € 2,255.27.
In aragon We can see that it is: € 2,248.72.

You can see this in Balearic Islands Payment is as follows: € 2,149.00 in Majorca and € 2,159.68 in the other islands.

At the Canary is approximately € 2,444.79 in the capital islands and € 2,748.54 in the rest.

Consider this in Cantabria you can make a profit of: € 2,422.27.

In Castilla – La Mancha the payment is: € 2,403.55.

You can enter Castile and Leon a payment of: € 2,276.22.

At the Catalonia you will receive: € 2,263.34.

Note that in Ceuta and Melilla you can win: € 2,943.92.

As you can see, in Extremadura Your salary can be: € 2,291.04.

In galicia Your salary will be: € 2,231.26.

O Rioja is € 2,361.81.

You can see this in the city of madrid It can be: € 2,250.84.

In Murcia: € 2,342.33.

Consider this in Navarra your earnings can be: € 2,410.44.

At the Basque country It can be: € 2,703.31.

Notice that in the Principality of Asturias the payment is: € 2,395.11.

And in Valencian Community is € 2,285.14.

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