Requisitos para ser profesor en Colombia: Todo lo que no te han contado

You need the Requirements to be a teacher in Colombia, you have entered the correct portal Keep reading and find out what they are!


Choose to be teacher It is one of the options that the student chooses the most and has the duty to choose what he wants to study.

Besides being one of the chosen ones, she is one of the most difficult and sacrificed.

I am grateful to the large group of people who have early childhood education, high school, English, mathematics, physics, among others.

This is one of the options that draws the students’ attention the most.

Having a little knowledge about this attractive career, What do you need to know to study this beautiful career?

Requirements to be a teacher in Colombia

Below you will mention the necessary requirements to be a teacher in Colombia, continue reading:

Before you know what the requirements are, you must first discard the entire industry.

It is necessary that everyone has a bachelor’s degree. Each requirement varies according to the specialty to be chosen.

Requirements to be a Child Education Teacher:

  • Pass selective tests in the field of social and legal sciences.
  • Have completed a degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Have as much Dominican as possible for the languages ​​of the autonomous community, where you will practice your profession.
  • In case they want to work in a public school, they will have to overcome several oppositions that this will place them as educators in Early Childhood Education.

Requirements to be a primary school teacher:

  • Pass each of the selective tests in the field of social and legal sciences.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in primary education or a degree in it.
  • As much Dominican as possible through the languages ​​of the autonomous community, where they will practice their profession.
  • In case they want to exercise in a public school, they will have to pass several oppositions that this will put them as educators in the Elementary School.

Requirements to be a secondary education teacher and bachelor’s degree:

  • They must be licensed, graduated, an engineer or they can also be architects.
  • He has several specialties, such as scenic art, music, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, among others.
  • Master’s degree in high school teachers or, as before, it was called a pedagogical adoption course.
  • Having a master’s degree that enables the candidate to exercise the function of high school teacher, it is mandatory.
    In addition to high school, professional training and languages.

Requirements to be a university professor:

Being able to be College professor It is mandatory that you have a bachelor’s degree or, failing that, a diploma

In addition to master’s and doctorate.

It is also necessary to carry out a research work called «Diploma of Advanced Studies».

What careers can I study to teach

Now we will mention 20 careers that you can study to practice teaching in Colombia, are as follows:


  • Geography
  • Medicine
  • Electronic Engineering, Mining, Telecommunications
  • Statistics
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Mechanical, electrical and computer engineering

What careers can I study to teach

  • Computer systems and engineering, electronics, production, industrial, administrative, system and international economic relations
  • Finance and international trade
  • Bacteriology and Clinical Laboratory
  • Nursing

Universities where I can study to be a teacher

You will mention below some of the universities where you can study to be a professor in the city of Colombia:

Institution of Grancolobiana Polytechnic University

Institution of Grancolobiana Polytechnic University

Catholic of manizales

Catholic University of Manizales



From Antioch

University of Antioquia

To have more information about these universities and others, you can enter the page that we will put below.

Universities where I can study to be a teacher

click here

How much does a teacher earn in Colombia

Let’s talk a little about how much a teacher earns in Colombia.

How much does a teacher earn in Colombia

The 2002 status of 1278 was updated. This has been on the state’s payroll since February 2018. There are 161,915 stipulated teachers, that is, 51.32% of each educator. This level of education combines degrees with various salary levels.

It depends on the studies that the teacher has, and the degree of improvement he has had in his assessments.


These are the teachers on each ladder, below:

  1. Series number 1: 16,128 has a sale between $ 1,552,156 and $ 3,161,917
  2. Number 2: 128,128 left from $ 1,953,944 to $ 4,630,086
  3. 3: 16,667 left from $ 3,269,585 to $ 7,379,349

This includes career ladder and bonus assignments. These salary amounts do not include statutory discounts, such as health and pension. So, in certain sciences, the teachers they get a little less than what the image is showing them. According to the Ministry of Education, most teachers are trained or professional. In grade 2A, he has a salary of $ 1,896,063

Duties and obligations of teachers in Colombia

These are the main duties and obligations that teachers must fulfill in Colombia:


  • Each of the teachers has every right to teach his classes in a comfortable and harmonious environment.
  • They must receive and treat their colleagues with love and respect and vice versa.
  • There is full physical and mortal respect. The dignity of teachers must be respected in any situation.
  • They have every right to freedom of expression, without prejudice and unless they come from the educational community.
  • In relation to the institution where they work.
  • All teachers have and have the right to continue improving all the knowledge they have, thus improving personal and professional development.
  • Be respected for your beliefs, both religious, moral and ideological, as well as your privacy regarding your thoughts and decisions.
  • They must always work as a team. All teachers must work together to make people grow as professionals. Enrich all your knowledge, exchange strategies, among others.

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