Requisitos para ser Secretario de Estado: Léenos e infórmate de lo que necesitas saber

You want to know what they are the requirements to be Secretary of State, Keep reading this portal and find out everything you need to do it!

Requirements to be Secretary of State: Read us and find out what you need to know

The Organic Law of Federal Public Administration provides in its article 10 that: The Secretaries of State will have the same category and, therefore, there will be no preeminence among them.

What is a Secretary of State

What is her secretary? ,O State Secretary It is a set of ministries that make up the Federal Public Administration, a wide range of people who collaborate with its advisory for the development of its attributions and functions to the president of the Mexico City.

What are the functions of a Secretary of State

At functions of a secretary of state They can be divided into technical functions, administrative functions and human functions, namely:


Technical functions:

  • The secretary must be efficient, show diligence in supporting the boss’s duties and always be enthusiastic.
  • Demonstrate technical mastery and knowledge inherent in the secretarial function.
  • Get to know the jobs inherent to your duties.

Administrative functions:

  • Have a great sense of organization, which allows you to keep track of the information needed for your direct boss and the information in the area where you work.
  • Represent your boss in the most appropriate way, and correctly convey all the information, decisions and communications that the boss wants to convey.
  • Be diligent in the area of ​​oral and written communication.

Human functions:

  • Support co-workers
  • Be willing to help.
  • Always maintain a consistent personal presentation.
  • Be nice and pleasant.
  • Be proactive.

What are the Secretaries of State that the Government of Mexico has

Mexico count with 17 secretaries, and each with a specific function.


They are the following, secretaries of:

  1. Government
  2. Foreign Relations
  3. Finance and Public Credit
  4. National defense
  5. Marine
  6. economy
  7. Social development
  8. Public function
  9. Communications and transportation
  10. Labor and social security
  11. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  12. Energy
  13. Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food
  14. Public education
  15. Cheers
  16. tourism
  17. Welfare
  18. Citizen security and protection
  19. Secretariat for Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development.

What are the Secretaries of State that the Government of Mexico has

In addition, there was the recently disappeared Secretary of Public Security.

when he was attached to the Ministry of the Interior on the initiative of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s reforms.

The opinion that is generated about a Secretary of State is mainly due to the work he performs before his specific secretary.

and also the impact caused by your management in the specific area inherent to the work of your secretary.

What are the requirements to be Secretary of State

Next, we’ll show you the Requirements to be a state secret.

First, it is necessary to know that the Heads of the various Secretaries of State in Mexico are appointed unilaterally and with authority by the acting President of the Republic.

The requirements to occupy the positions of Secretaries of State are contemplated in some Laws and Regulations that are generated in the scope of the creation of the various entities of State.

There are also four regulations that fundamentally and constitutionally govern the appointment of a Secretary of State, they are:

  • You must be a Mexican citizen by birth and also enjoy the full enjoyment and exercise of all your rights (political and civil).
  • The candidate must have academic training in the disciplines related to the future duties that he will have in the exercise of the respective Secretariat.
  • The candidate must have held high decision-making positions, and must also have experience in administrative matters.
  • He must not have received a final sentence for crimes of an equity nature, nor be prevented from taking up positions in the public administration.

Who has the power to appoint Secretaries of State

You must be asking yourself, who has the power to appoint the Secretaries of State, Do not worry!, We will clarify this for you.


O power to appoint the various Secretaries of Statesor reside exclusively and unilaterally by the Constitutional President of the Mexican States.

When appointed Secretaries of State, they are responsible for performing the functions inherent to their secretary, according to the specific area that corresponds to them (Health, Economy, Labor, Agriculture, among others).

What is the responsibility of the President of the United Mexican States?

The President of United Mexican States It has within its powers and obligations that are declared in article 89 of the Constitution, and they are the following:

  • Enact and execute the laws that emanate from the Congress of the Union, always providing for perfect administrative observance.
  • To appoint and dismiss secretaries freely, to appoint and dismiss all diplomatic agents and senior officials of the Treasury, and to freely appoint and dismiss all Union officials, provided that they are not appointed by another mechanism established in the legal framework.
  • With the approval of the Senate, appoint all Ministers, Consul Generals and Diplomatic Agents.
  • Appoint colonels and other senior Army officers, always with Senate approval.

What is the importance of the Secretary of State

Here we restrict you who are the importance of the Secretary of State, continue reading:


The Constitution that is still in force, contemplates in five articles within the Title III, Chapter III, within the definition for the Executive Branch; which falls exclusively on the shoulders of the President of the Republic.

For this reason, the cabinet is not the exclusive depository of this power, but an entire organization structured in sectors of its attention, from the Executive Branch (leaders).

Through this structure, the executive is responsible for several government tasks, in some cases they will be basic functions, in other cases they will be complementary functions and even in some temporary or emergent cases.

All the obligations, requirements, restrictions and powers of the different positions that make up the structure of the Executive Branch. They are reflected in the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration.

Therefore, the Federal Public Administration is considered centralized and parastatal, and this is provided for in the Organic Law and even in the National Charter.

What is the importance of the Secretary of State

The secretaries constitute the Executive Power as the main body, but also have attached some federal bodies and the internal bodies of each one of these secretaries, decentralized bodies and parastatal companies. All this in order to be able to attend portfolios of public interest.

The project, evaluation and public guarantees in matters of governance, security, economy, armed forces, public services (such as health, employment, education, housing, among others), environment, controllership and all other areas under the responsibility of the federal government. They are under the responsibility of the owners and structures of the various offices (secretaries).

The person responsible and empowered to remove and appoint the members of these offices, as well as to create entities within these offices to improve direct or specific attention to some aspects or issues of public interest, is none other than the President of the Republic.


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