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Requirements to be a senator

What is the House of Senators

For those who do not know, it can be said that the Senate Chamber is composed of 128 senators.

Each of them is elected by Mexican citizens through the vote, those who are senators, because they belong to a political party.

In this sense, it can be said that 2 of these senators will be elected by a relative majority, which are the candidates who managed to obtain the greatest number of votes.

For these people to win, they must have about 64 senators, one of whom will be assigned to the first minority.

This minority is one that can be derived from the form of the candidates, provided that each of them has managed to occupy the second place in the vote, (which is approximately 32 senators).

The remaining senators are only those who will be elected through some of the lists voted at a single multi-member meeting.

Likewise, each of them will be assigned to several political parties based on the result of the vote they obtain.

IMPORTANT: Each of the senators will be formed by the applicable electoral legislation, that is, 32 senators.

What are the functions of the Chamber of Senators

It can be said that a senator is one of the members and / or members of the Chamber of Senators, who are distributed in most countries that, in turn, are democratic.

Senators are members of the chamber that can only be chosen by the citizens themselves, in this case in Mexico.

Among the most common requirements for becoming a senator is the minimum age of years living in the region.

Although the person who is going to apply may come to live in the province where he applied.

On the other hand, it is very important that the citizen is of legal age and that, in turn, he is a member of a political party. However, these requirements can be changed depending on the rules established in the current constitution.


In countries that are democratic in their own right, they must take into account that the Senate may be composed of members elected by vote.

This vote must be totally direct, which means that it must be considered with each of the regions or provinces.

Likewise, it can be said that each of the regions and / or provinces will only be taken into account when the State explicitly announces it.

In turn, it can be said that the constitutional organic law for elections can determine the number of senators who will participate.

Likewise, the election of senators will depend on the health districts and the form of their elections.

According to the constitution of each country, the same senators can last from 4 to 8 years in office, as long as each of them is renewed alternately.Requirements to be a senator

In general, senators tend to alternate in certain years and each may be elected indefinitely or for a number of times.

It is important to note that each of the requirements for being a senator varies according to the country where you are located.

But it is usually asked:

  • The applicant must have resided in the country for several years.
  • Have completed several studies.
  • Be over 35 years old.


Each of the senators or deputies has the function of representing each of the members of the population who in turn elects them.

Likewise, in each of the jurisdictions they must present themselves to serve and defend their interests.

It should be noted that deputies and / or senators also have the role of being the voice of each citizen, so that they can be represented in a province or state.

It may happen that while senators are passing a law that can benefit those represented, deputies reject it.

This happens, as there are regulations that can damage the integrity or well-being of the provinces in a matter of time.

What is a senator

For those people who do not have a clear idea of ​​what a senator is, since he is a person, who meets some key notes.

Among them is that, as a result of the elections, they must be able to acquire the electoral body that is granted by way of registration.

This registration is so that the senators themselves can have the guarantee that they obtained the relative majority of the votes of each of the 64 senators, respectively.

In the same way, it can be said that when people do the assignments of the first minorities, that is, the 32 senators.

Requirements to be a senator

And in the same way, they manage to issue some of the attributions of the representation certificates, since each one must be proportional to the political parties, that is, the 32 senators.

Second, it can be said that senators are those people charged with protesting against Refers to Article 60 of the Organic Law of the General Congress of the United Mexican States.

For each of the constituent sessions of the Senate Chamber; and thirdly, it can be said that they are responsible for implementing the first legislatures.

What are the characteristics of a senator

A senator is a definition that people use to identify one of the individuals who make up or are part of the Senate.

To understand, it can be said that, in the first place, the Senate is one of the organs that are part of the legislative power.

In most republican countries, which are federally organized, the senator system is in place.

In addition, parliament, as some people know it, the congress, is generally divided into two chambers:

  1. The first is called carama Alt, which is where each senator is, respectively.
  2. On the other hand, in the lower house, this is where each of the deputies is located.

In general, it can be said that the Senate is composed of several senators, where each of them can determine a territory.

This territory does not necessarily have to be a country, but it can be a state, a province or implement an administrative unit.

The deputies, in turn, are those people capable of fully electing each citizen of the population.

That is, each of them is responsible for representing their duties and rights.


In democracies, it can be said that each senator is usually elected by the same population in free elections.

Each senator has a specific term that can reach 4, 6, 8 years, among others.

After this period, the being must abandon his seat, that is, the supporter he represented during all these years, and return to the elections to be reelected.

Requirements to be a senator

In most countries, senators, it should be noted that they are appointed by some kind of authority.

Likewise, there are regimes that can complete the possibility of having lifetime sensors, as appropriate.

The primary function of senators is to protect and defend each of the interests of a given state or province.

On some occasions, it can be said that they have a completely different function from that of deputies.

The deputies are those who are responsible for defending each of the country’s interests in general.

This means that deputies are only in charge of the federal state.

Laws that are passed by deputies in this way can be rejected by senators in some districts if they do not agree.

What are the requirements to be a senator

Those who wish to be part of the Senate must comply with the Requirements to be a Senator:

  1. Individuals must be Mexican by birth.
  2. People who have residency and nationality can also be part of those elected to the Senate.
  3. Be over 35 years of age.
  4. It belongs to a certain political party.
  5. To be originally from a federal entity, which at that moment makes an election.
  6. No person should be active in the Federal Army of Mexico any more than he can be a police officer.

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