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Would you like to know what Health card requirements? Well, here you can find everything you want to know.

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Health card requirements

What is the health card

For those who do not know, the health card is one of the most important documents in Guatemala. This is one of the documents that each of the people who work in institutions where food and drink are handled, they must have it.

Since this card aims to verify that the people who, due to their contribution, are working in those places are not contaminants of diseases.

According to what sSecretary of Health and General Director of State Health Services in Quintana Roo:

It is specified that there are professional bodies seeking to intensify each surveillance in an epidemiological manner.

It also seeks to carry out a series of expeditions that in turn comply with health cards.

This also includes that each of the laboratory tests must be ready for the study processes.

These processes are what people today know as (TYPICAL «O» and VDRL).

This is one of the studies that people have to do, through blood tests, in each of the candidates for this service.

Health card resources

The health card is one of the fully laminated credentials.

In turn, they consist of security padlocks and some special holograms.

Likewise, it is up to each of them to include a photograph of the applicant, making it a safer and more practical method.

This is a card that, in general, can only be owned by people who meet the Health Card Requirements. Health card requirements

It is characterized by being a card that lasts approximately 6 months with its validity, and that in addition, it is delivered on the same day of your order.

Customer support

This is one of the service modules in charge of operating seven days a week. What it does and allows the person to have a flexible schedule at a low cost in it.

Each person staying in the south zone will cost 177 dollars. People in the north cost $ 211 and people in the center cost $ 147.

It is also very important that people can include any type of test that is for TYPE «O» and VDRL. People who, in turn, want more information can communicate directly with Tel. (983) 83 519 40 Ext. 65204.

For people who don’t have a local phone, an email is also available where they can find all the information they need,

IMPORTANT: The health card is only delivered in the afternoon shift, that is, shift where I perform the process.

Likewise, it is convenient for people to stick to the original payment receipt.

Similarly must meet the Health Card Requirements, which are as follows:

  1. Present identification that is highly official, as is IFE, CURP and Passport, WHICH MUST BE CURRENT.
  2. It is important that people introduce themselves with a minimum fasting of 4 hours, as blood collection is a mandatory requirement.

Who should have the health card

This is one of the documents that people working in areas where food and drink are handled should generally have.

Likewise, it can be said that this is one of the mandatory cards for Guatemalan citizens, as well as the lung card.

For the same reason, it can be said that the Health Card Requirements are those that will be mentioned below.

Health card requirements

Among the requirements for a health card, More Relevant are:

  1. Each person must present a type of photo identification, that is, that has the same proportions.
  2. Submit a copy of personal documents for identification, that is, they must present the DPU in a mandatory manner.
  3. Bring each of the test results, which in turn are for the detection of syphilis or other diseases that are related to sex.
  4. Examination of feces and urine.

This is one of the cards, which are usually issued by Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance.

Because it is performed in several health centers, although it is true that it is available 24 hours a day, people must also place the order they want.Health card requirements

It also allows each candidate to present a health card.

This, in turn, may become more important to mention when the same procedure is free.

On the other hand, people must take into account that the health card is one of the procedures that will only be granted to people who meet the requirements.

For this reason, the entity is responsible for promoting both discipline and consolidation of these documents.

If the individual has any doubts about the steps and / or documents, he / she can go to one of the matrices and be treated with pleasure.

Which companies issue the health card

It can be said that each of the companies that are in Guatemala is in charge of carrying out this procedure on the spot.

But, some of them tend to be more efficient than others. Therefore, it can be said that the companies responsible for issuing this procedure are those that are destined to the health area.

There are bits and pieces that likewise are the ones that process this whole process, which in turn give credit so that other companies can generate them.

Now, regardless of the company, people have a clear responsibility to meet their requirements.

Whenever each person and collaborator who in turn belongs to one of these companies must provide services in that field, they must have the said document.

It is aimed at the entire public, because without the person working in the areas of food handling, it can be said that companies request that they have a valid and competent medical certificate.


Now, thanks to the fact that the issuers of the same cards from the ministries of public health are in full social assistance through each of the health posts.

All People who wish to generate this procedure through a company must meet the following requirements:

  1. It is important that people present the lung card.
  2. Post a photo the size of an identity document, respectively.
  3. It is important that people have an IPR IN GOOD CONDITION.
  4. Be fasting for at least 4 hours so that medical examinations can be performed.
  5. Buy one of the syringes of at least 5 cc, for the blood test.
  6. Present a stool sample to the health center.
  7. Comply with a donation of Q 20.00.
  8. Finally, people must comply with the withdrawal of the health card, about 24 hours later.

These are each and every one of the Health Card Requirements, which people must comply with if they want to perform the procedure through a company.

Importance of health card

This is one of the cards that applies to each person, if they have a business or job where food is handled.

Likewise, it can be said that this is one of the procedures in which people have the guarantee that they are totally hygienic.

It can also be said that the food handling card is absolutely indispensable for people.

This applies to individuals who tend to have contact with themselves.

It should be noted that this is one of the unique and valid documents to be provided by the ministries of public health and social assistance.

Health card requirements

The importance of this procedure is that people work in an environment where food is witnessed.

Well, they have the advantage of knowing recognitions that allow them to handle food responsibly and hygienically.

It is a totally free procedure that people do at any health center, they just need to be willing to go.

Thanks for reading!

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