Requisitos para trabajar en la DIAN: Procedimiento a seguir

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

If you want to start in the world of work and it is your preference DIAN, as it is a prestigious entity in addition to being known. So much to issue certain documents, as to collect certain taxes.

If you want to know more here we will explain that requirements you need to work at DIAN.


What is DIAN

The Tax and Customs Department, better known as the DIAN For its acronym, it is a unit of the United Arab Emirates of the special administrative type of Colombia. This is one of the entities governmental, specialized and technical that has a national character, and must also be a legal entity.

That has a particular autonomy of its expenses and the administration totally linked to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Originally the Tax and mores Nacional, would become one of the Special Administrative Units.

Through Decree No. 2117 that was issued in 1992, since June 1, 1993, since the National Tax Directorate is incorporated (DIN) with the National Customs Directorate (DAN)

Then, through Decree No. 1,072 of 1999, one of the new structures is given and from that moment the Directorate of Special Administrative Unit of Taxes and National Customs.

It is the same as on October 22, 2008, thanks to the decree number 4048 that the structure is modified. Becoming part of the Unit again Administrative National Tax and Customs Directorate.

On the date of April 26, 2011 until the decree number 1321 is modified and decree number 4048 of 2008 is added.

This is related through the structure of the Tax Department of the Special Administrative Unit mores and National Zones.

Regarding your Nature cool


O DIAN It was organized to be one of the Special Administrative Units, which have a totally special and technical national order.

That has the category of legal person that has autonomy in administration and the budget with its own equity, this is linked to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

it is objective Director

The main objective of the DIAN it is to guarantee the fiscal security of the Colombian State.

And also the protection that corresponds to the economic and public order of your nation, through administration and your control.

With due fulfillment of your obligations of a tax, foreign exchange and customs nature, to facilitate all foreign trade operations.

So that in this way it maintains all the conditions of transparency, equity or legality between the mores foreigners and those from Colombia.

With regard to tax issues is the DIAN who is in charge of properly managing the income tax and its complementary tax.

He too tax sales, stamp duty in the nation and all other taxes that are internal to the nation’s order.

Since his competition it is in no way attributed to the other entities that the state has.

It is also responsible for the collection of all rights of the mores and the others related to foreign tax and foreign exchange penalties.

Requirements to work at DIAN

At the DIAN The linkage process is now available to strengthen your plant with vacancies for.

The directors selected and management, who were declared deserted through provisional appointments.

That’s why, having as director aim of guaranteeing equality and transparency in elections.

Only professionals who are suitable or competent who can meet the profiles that have been established in each of the positions.

That they have the experiences and the greatest qualities in people to provide public service.


You have to enter by page entity-owned website, addressing the next link.

There you can make the complete registration of at least your resume.

Since the respective curricula of those responsible for compliance with the requirements of studies.

And also the experience, so it corresponds to them gift some tests to assess your knowledge and integrity according to the position.

With regard to binding and its commitment it must be subject to the approval of all stages of the process.

In this way, the selection will be made by those who attend all the requirements


No type of lectures with family relationships or relationships of people.

After all vacancies this process will be considered as closed the selection process.

Therefore, they will be informed if that is the circumstance.

Current calls in DIAN

In any of the positions being offered for this competition of the merits, they exist for the level of health.

But also for levels of technicians and professionals.

All interested parties can also be part of the announcement of the territory of the year 2019 -II following these general requirements:

You have to read everything agreements that each selection process has.

He gave

Register in the system corresponding to the System Support, which corresponds to Equality, Opportunity and Merit.

You have to know everyone requirements minimum in the job you chose as a candidate, which were indicated in the Public Offering.

With the jobs of breed in all entities.

Accept totally the rules that have been established for the agreements.

You must take into account that you must make the payment for the right of your participation that currently has a value of $ 27,650,

In the case of levels that are assistance, technician and for the professional level a cost of $ 41,450.

To make the corresponding payments with the Offices bank, of the citizens who can be in charge of making remittances.


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