Requisitos para Tramitar el RFC por Primera Vez

If you are from Mexico, you are likely to have heard of the RFC when carrying out certain legal proceedings, in which it is requested as a necessary document.

O Federal Register of Taxpayers (RFC) is an alphanumeric key with 13 characters.

RFC tax identification card

Usually the first two characters correspond to the paternal surname, from the third to the mother’s last name – the initial, the fourth to the first name, date of birth in the year, month and day format and the homoclave assigned by SAT.

It is a document that serves to identify individuals or companies as taxpayers; this in order to control the payment of taxes to the treasury.

As it is a mandatory document for all taxpayers, below we will present to you the Requirements for processing the RFC for the first time.

What are the requirements for processing the RFC

In the process of acquiring this record, a series of easy-to-obtain requirements are requested and that we mentioned below:

  • Birth Certificate or CURP (Single Population Registration Code).
  • Proof of address.
  • Personal identification.
  • Assigned folio number that was assigned when submitting your pre-registration.

Requirements for RFC pre-registration

These documents vary according to the type of person who will be registering In the register, here we show the options of each one:


In this case, the individual does not need to take any documents to the authorized offices, as 100% online registration.

Then you must proceed to complete the form that appears on the SITTED (Tax Administration Service); In the end, such registration will generate a single proof of registration that will include your tax identification number and a two-dimensional bar code.

RFC for individuals and businesses


The child’s parents or guardians must make an appointment at SAT and take the documents mentioned below to Organs competent bodies:

  • Birth certificate, personal identification granted by RENAPO. These documents must be original.
  • Judicial resolution, and if they are legally responsible, they must have the document provided by the notary public. This would be a certified copy.
  • Demonstration in which it is determined that both parents agree that either of them will act as a representative of the young person, along with their current identifications.
  • Valid official identification of the parent or guardian who represents the minor, current and original.
  • Proof of tax registration.
  • A signed power of attorney must be presented and witnessed by two persons or a power of attorney authenticated by a notary public and which demonstrates the personality type that characterizes the representative or legal guardian.
  • The minor must be at least 16 years old, have an identity document and receive a salary.
  • They must carry out the procedures in person at a SAT office, having previously been nominated on the same entity’s portal and presenting the corresponding documents.
  • Personal identity card granted by the National Population Registry.
  • The minor must declare in writing and with his signature his willingness to enroll in the Register of Federal Taxpayers for the exclusive provision of subordinate personal service and that he will not exercise any other activity until he is 18 years old.

You must submit this document to the Services Administration to the Decentralized Taxpayer.

  • Proof of the tax address where you reside.
  • Valid official identification.

Moral people

I must pre-register on the website SITTING, and will have to deliver these documents within a maximum of 10 days:

  • Receipt of pre-registration in the RFC.
  • Constitutive document with notarized signature and also a certified copy of it.
  • Power of attorney is required if it is found that there is legal representation attesting to the legal representative and his personality.

In addition, a certified copy or a power of attorney that is signed in the presence of two persons who act as witnesses and these signatures are corroborated by the authorities, must be the original document.

If it was granted abroad, it must be duly wagered and formalized by the Mexican Public Official and have the translation into Spanish done by the authorized expert.

  • Current official identification of the legal representative.
  • You must have the RFC code for each of the members on the letter.

If the RFC of the partners is not included in the articles of association, the legal representative must present a document containing the RFC keys of each one.

You can also find out how to perform other procedures, for example: “Steps and Requirements for Processing the INE Credential”.


Requirements for updating the RFC

The Federal Register of Taxpayers It should only be updated in case of change of address, resumption of activities, suspension, increase or decrease of activities, opening or closing of establishment.

Once you have clarified which aspect you want to update, according to what you decide, you must take the respective documents for prior consultation in the SAT or, on the contrary, make the update online.


  • Notice of change or update of the tax situation, for presentation of summary of identity data, type of notice and location presented.
  • Have a transaction receipt to update the tax situation, where you will find:

the number of the sheet corresponding to the procedure, the date and place of issue, the type of movement, taxpayer data, specific location data, economic activities, obligations, regimes, digital stamp, barcode and two-dimensional.

Moral person

  • You must have valid RFC keys for each of the partners, shareholders or associates in the bylaws.

How to print the RFC

  • You can print your tax identification card at any time on the Tax Administration Service (SAT) page.
  • Enter the SAT website and place your cursor on the option «Other procedures and services», a menu will be displayed there. To choose «Get your tax identification card.»
  • You will enter a small form in which they ask for your RFC and password or e. Valid signature. If you don’t have your password, you can generate it there.
  • Finally, select the button «download» to save the file in PDF format on your device or computer.

We will provide you with an instructional video below that shows you step by step the process of printing your RFC.

As you can see, it is an extremely simple process, we hope the information was useful for you!

You may be interested in our article: «Requirements and how to apply for SAT».

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