Requisitos para traspaso de vehículos: Pasos a seguir

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Vehicle transfer requirements: steps to follow

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Vehicle transfer requirements

The necessary requirements that you must have for transferring vehicles are as follows:

  • You must have the vehicle duly registered in the seller’s name with the national motor vehicle register. (SRCel).

In supporting documents, you must have the following:

  • Full name of the previous seller or owner and the person who will purchase it.
  • The respective RUN or RUT numbers.
  • The patent plate (single).
  • All data necessary to identify the vehicle to be transferred. (make, model, original color, year of manufacture, engine number, type of fuel it uses and gross vehicle weight.
  • The applicant must prove the cancellation of the corresponding payment of the municipal tax, to effect the transfer of the vehicle. This tax is not paid if they are automotive machines and generally all vehicles that have a driver’s license.
  • The person purchasing the vehicle will be responsible for canceling all rights to register the transfer of the domain of the vehicle.

Individual and legal entity

For individuals and companies, they must comply with the following documents:

  • The contract for the sale of the vehicle, which must be signed by the seller of the vehicle, in addition to the authorized buyer, in a notary’s office.
  • Before the civil registry and identification office, they must have the declaration
  • They must have the purchase invoice for the vehicle in question, from the public auction.
  • If the vehicle is subject to a leasing contract, you must have your invoice (leasing).
  • It is important to have the public deed of the domain.
  • The final judicial sentence.
  • Order of effectuation of the position, which must bring proof of registration with the property manager.
  • Important identity card.
  • Certificate of effective possession, only in the case of tested or inherited inheritances.

Steps to follow

In order to transfer the vehicles they need, they must follow the following steps:

Steps to follow

1-First, they must have all the necessary requirements and documents.

two-Both the buyer and the seller must contact the Civil Registry and Identification Service (SRCeI) that are closer to your home.

3-They must explain the reason for the visit: that is, the transfer of ownership of the vehicle that is being carried out and that was acquired by someone else.

4-Now you must deliver all requested documents, check before delivering and make sure that none are missing.

5-Cancel the sales tax, which has 1.5
% which is known as the sale value of this. Payment is made at the corresponding banking institution.

Otherwise, it can be done in treasury.

6-Finally, the result of the process, will have made the application for registration of a vehicle in the registration of motor vehicles, which will be on behalf of the new owner.

Special cases for vehicle transfer

They must meet only the necessary requirements mentioned above.

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