Requisitos para una Licitación pública: Todo lo que debes saber

At the business level, there are a multitude of activities that each entrepreneur must carry out to maintain their economic activity. This time, let’s just talk about the requirements for a public tender and what must be done to make it effective.

public bidding

What is a public tender?

Getting into the subject, first let’s define what public bidding, to know what is the purpose of doing the procedure, well, a public bidding It is an activity that a company performs to invite individuals or legal entities to participate in a work.

With this activity developed by a company, it has great possibilities of obtaining suppliers and participants to carry out the project that it has to carry out.

The company has to make a call informing what it needs to accomplish its objective, that is, You must call everyone who can offer you a good or service you need to make your project a reality. The way in which goods and services will be transferred will be through an agreement reached by both parties.

further the state entity where the company resides, holds an auction where the one who answered the call is chosen, offers the best offer that the company that held the public tender requires. This auction takes into consideration the price, quality and term of the good or service offered by the person who intends to participate in the project.

Requirements for a public tender

After seeing what public biddingIt is worth mentioning that it is what a person must have to be able to participate in these types of events, which are requirements for a public tender to be mentioned now:

In the case of entrepreneurs, they must have the following:

  • Have commercial registration.
  • The company has to be enrolled in the Single Tax Register or ROUTINE as it is known.
  • Company employees must be enrolled in occupational and / or professional risk insurance.
  • In addition, these employees must be affiliated with the health and social security system and the family’s preferred compensation fund.
  • Company accounting must comply with country regulations.

At the same time, you need to have these requirements:

  • Be registered in the Single Registry of Prepotent Persons (RUP), to learn more about this record, see on here.
  • Has no type of disability or incompatibility.

Necessary documentationRequirements for a public bidding 1

Once you know what you need to do public bidding, Now, companies that comply with the requirements For this type of event that you are interested in doing, you must obtain the following documents:

  • Call notice.
  • O printed design that has to be well explained.
  • Aperture resolution.
  • Minutes of the hearing.
  • Service List.
  • Addendum.
  • Proposal opening and closing act.
  • Resolution declaring null in the selection process.
  • List of proposals received.

Before having all of the above, the project or work must have been previously studied and evaluated, as it must be viable.

Steps to follow

So far you have the documents and the profile that a company must have to be able to make a public biddingNow it’s time to indicate the steps to be followed to make this type of event a reality:

  1. Check the Annual Procurement Plan.
  2. Generate requirements for the goods and services they need.
  3. Validation of the Annual Procurement Plan.
  4. Contemplate and correct the last details of the project.
  5. Choose how the selection process will be.
  6. Request the Budget Availability Certificate.
  7. Indicate until when the Budgetary Availability Certificate is valid.
  8. Make the call.
  9. Prepare the project conditions.
  10. Sign and approve the project now that you have the budget conditions.
  11. Define the award criteria.
  12. Publish the call, the studies of the project and its conditions.
  13. Receive project notes to correct, if necessary.
  14. Prepare a document to post the project corrections.
  15. Specify the project with the new conditions.
  16. Make the opening resolution to start with the public bidding.
  17. Subscribe and approve everything to start the auction.

Stage that must be performed during the public tender

As soon as everything is ready for you public bidding, you have to do other things to fully comply with everything that has to do with this type of auction. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Publish the selection process documents.
  2. Conduct the audience to show predictable risks.
  3. Prepare addenda and event notes.
  4. Publish addenda and observations.
  5. Receive the proposal, that is, start with the auction.
  6. Register and evaluate proposals.
  7. Create a report on the possible choice proposals.
  8. Confirm which proposals to choose.

Main rulesRequirements for a public tender 2

Like all public bidding It also has its own rules, its defects must be governed by the laws that are linked to this type of activity. To find out what is being talked about here, the main rules of the public bidding:

  • General status of public administration contractions, Law 80.
  • National industry through public procurement, Law 816.
  • Development of Colombian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, Law 905.
  • General provisions on contracting public resources, Law 1150.
  • Norms designed to strengthen mechanisms
    prevention, investigation and punishment of acts of corruption and
    effectiveness of public management control, Law 1474.
  • Annual Procurement Plan – Classifier of Goods and Services, External Circular 2.
  • Transparency and Legislation
    of Access to National Public Information and others
    provisions, Law 1712.
  • Regulation of the National Planning Administrative Sector, Decree 1.082.

What is COPNIA?

O National Council for Professional Engineering or COPNIA as it is known, is a public body charged with monitoring, controlling and inspecting all engineering-related works in Colombia, including all personnel involved in it..

This public organization ensures that all public works have these documents in their possession:

  • Professional Registration Card, in the case of Engineers.
  • Professional enrollment certificate, for other related professionals and assistants who participate in the work.
  • Registration certificate, that master builders should have.
  • Temporary license, for trained professionals and professionals from abroad to participate in the work.


The purpose of this organization is to protect society from the presence of works that are carried out by amateurs, so it is necessary that they supervise all the works that take place in Colombia, verifying if the execution is made by personnel qualified for the same and if the laws established for the execution of the works are complied with.


It is expected that by 2020 the National Council for Professional Engineering be an entity recognized as an ethics court, thus being the leading organization in the supervision of works and inspection of professional practice in Colombia.requirements for a public tender 3

Additionally, the functions of this entity are based on the theology of information and communication, committing to provide a good service to society.

General conditions of the public tender

  • The Annual Procurement Plan must reflect the goods and services that are purchased in the public tender.
  • While procedures are being carried out to start the selection of proposals, COPNIA will not start the proposal process.
  • 10 days before the publication of the opening date, the studies and conditions of the project will be published according to what appears on the website SECOP it’s from COPNIA.
  • At the time of selection of the bidding, it is necessary that the risk attribution and award hearings are held.
  • People and companies that wish to offer their products or services must do so in writing.
  • The committee that evaluates this whole process has to make a report for the publication that has to do SECOP Y COPNIA.
  • The report will be disclosed at the hearing, by means of a reasoned resolution.

So far, every entrepreneur who wants to make a work has to do this type of auction, if you want to get help for that, that all the time then you have to have these requirements for a public tender and make your project a reality.

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