Requisitos para viajar a Colombia: Toda la información que necesitas

Before traveling to any country You must know the regulatory time that you can stay there, in this case in Colombia. Want to know the requirements for traveling to Colombia? All the information you need here. Keep reading!

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Requirements for traveling to Colombia

1.- Yes it is decided to take a trip to Colombia from Mexico, you must previously:

  • Meet the requirements to enter the country.
  • Book the ticket for at least three months beforehand, as there are times and places that have a large flow of tourists
  • reservation the hotel at least six months old minimum notice.
  • Sometimes there are fees to be paid at the hotel, because they are not included in previous payments. It is necessary to have information on this aspect.
  • Find information on Tourist destinations that you plan to visit.
  • even though the authorities are always in charge For the safety of people on the streets, it is advisable to travel by car during the day.
  • Do not display jewelry or money.
  • Ask about words that don’t understand their meaningAlthough the same language is spoken, countries have different words.
  • Know your gastronomy.
  • Know the regulatory time of stay in the country.

two.- Knowing the aspects above, the following requirements now need to be met

  • As a Mexican citizen, no visa is required to travel.
  • You must have the passport, valid for six months from the time of entry until the time of departure from the country.
  • Flight ticket back to mexico.
  • Vaccine certificate.
  • Upon entering Colombia, The Special Administration Unit for Migration Colombia, will put the acronym PIP in the Passport, which means Permission to Enter and Stay, with the number of days to be there.
  • Fill out form 530, declare goods entering the country through the Declaration of Baggage, Cash and Representative Cash Bonds.

In this document you must present the following information:

  • If it’s the entry or leaving the country.
  • The type of document that shows.
  • The identification number.
  • The names and surnames.
  • Destination address in Colombia.
  • The means of transport.
  • Name of transport company.
  • The flight number, travel, vehicle identification.
  • The amount of travel expenses. It does not include the cost of the ticket.
  • O baggage declaration if it is merchandise, national currency or foreign currency.
  • O description of the merchandise.
  • O national currency description or foreign currency.
  • Both the date of entry how to get out of the country.
  • O tax settlement.

If you travel by vehicle, you must present:

  • Original and copy of title vehicle.
  • If it’s not yours, a notarial authorization.
  • Driver’s license or vehicle brands.

Vaccines needed to travel to Colombia


To travel to Colombia it is necessary consider the place of destination for information about the vaccine that the person should give.

When will you travel to the apartments which we will mention below, the YELLOW FEVER vaccine is required. These departments are: La Guajira, Putumayo, Norte de Santander, Amazonia, the regions of the Eastern Plains, La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the entire coastline. They are considered «risk zones».

At least 15 days in advance, this specific vaccine must be applied and, once placed, it will be valid for life.

Although there are vaccines that are not mandatory, It is necessary to be careful with some diseases that occur worldwide, especially if you are visiting parks, among them we have:

  • The vaccine against tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis.
  • Triple Viral. (Measles-rubella-mumps).
  • Vaccine against Hepatitis A.

We departments of Antioquia, Bolívar, Cauca, Choco, Córdova, La Guajira, Nariño and Risaralba, there is a risk of malaria or malaria.

At the lower level of risk, some municipalities in the Amazon, Guaviare, Caquetá, Guainia, Meta, Putumayo, Vaipes and Vichada.

If you are going to travel to one of these places the doctor should be consulted on preventive measures before leaving. To arrive:

  • Wear clothes that cover a large part of your body.
  • Use constantly insect repellents.
  • Sleeping with a mosquito net impregnated with insect repellent.

There is another disease for that it should be taken with caution; it’s dengue or zika. The measures to be followed are the same as those used for malaria or malaria.

How much time to spend in Colombia


Without a visa a foreigner You can stay two months in Colombia and extend your stay for another month; but applying for a visa at the Administrative Security Department. YOU GIVE.

After three months, he leaves the country and you can log in again for another two months and request the extension again. This situation can be repeated until reaching a maximum of six months, in a calendar year, of permanence in the country.

When applying for a visa for the first time, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit the form Extension of tourist visa.
  • Photocopy of the passport page with the photo.
  • Photocopy of the entry stamp in Colombia.
  • 2 3 × 4 photos with white background.
  • Proof of payment of the visa extension fee, paid at a branch of the banks Davivienda or Bancafe.

For the second time, the visa extension is requested, you just need to present your passport and proof of payment.

What is safe conduct?

Colombian safe-conduct

Safe conduct, is a temporary document delivered by the Special Migration Administration Unit in Colombia; foreigners who are in the country with a special situation.

Safe conduct It can be stay or departure.

The safe conduct of permanence, if the foreigner is legally Y:

  • it is pending visa.
  • It is in provisional release or parole, until the legal or administrative situation is resolved
  • He’s a refugee, while your situation is resolved, at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Exit Safe Conduct, is granted to the foreigner if:

  • It is located in a irregular stay.
  • It is expelled or deported.
  • that was visa canceled.
  • You do not have permission entry into the country.
  • You the visa was denied.

Requirements for processing safe conduct


To process the safe-conduct, you must:

  • Go to a Facilitation Center Migration Services of Migration of Colombia.
  • Current passport valid.
  • Photocopy of personal data passport.
  • 2 recent photos, front, size 3 × 4 with blue background.
  • Shipping receipts for naming rights of the Special Migration Administration Unit.
  • O Safe conduct for deportees, expelled or refugee is free.
  • Request form. This can be obtained through the website: click here or at the Migration Services Facilitation Centers.
  • On the other hand, they must deliver a resolution copy deportation, expulsion, fine or exoneration.
  • In case of Temporary Worker Visa, original letter or continuation of the contract.

colombia tourist destinations

Between the Tourist destinations most visited are:

  • Bogotá What is the capital. There are the neighborhoods La Candelaria and La Macarena, La Zona Rosa for nightlife, the Gold Museum, the Church of San Francisco de Assis,
  • Cartagena de Indias. For its wonderful beaches, its walls and the diversity of its museums, the San Bernardo Archipelago, formed by 10 wonderful islands, the Coral Islands, the Rosary Islands.
  • Medellin. Much visited by its Flower Fair and the towns of Antioquia.
  • Santa Marta. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Famous for its Tayrona National Park, the Gold Museum, the Lost City, Rodadero and Taganga beaches.
  • Tue the tourist districts from San Andrés and Granada, the Cali Fair is held, with worldwide recognition.
  • The Archipelago of San Andrés. Formed by a set of islands. Called the Sea of ​​7 Colors; for the variety of colors of its waters.
  • For your carnival, considered fifth in importance in the world.

They meet the tourist districts El Prado and Bella Vista, the Caribe Cultural Park, the Former Customs Building, the Julio Flores House-Museum.

  • There is the Chicamocha National Park and the Barichara, Guane and San Gil neighborhoods.
  • Cucuta. Very visited for commercial purposes. There is the Pamplonita River, Casa Santander, Casa Bagatela.
  • Hunting. It is a livestock and agro-industrial pole. There is Parque la Ronda, Tolú, Conveñas, El Parque de Las Golondrinas.

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