Requisitos para viajar a Rusia desde España: Dónde se tramita y pasos a seguir

One of the things that human beings love is to travel and see new places. It is one of the few things that human beings are passionate about and enthusiastic about.

However, it is important that Before you travel to a place, know everything you need about that place. As there may be rules or conditions that do not favor traveling or staying in a certain sense, an example of this is not knowing the climate of the place and traveling in the wrong clothes.

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

It should be noted that thanks to technological advances Human beings have managed to reach places and places that were previously difficult to access. But with that came new policies regarding foreigners and migration in each country.

Likewise, the restrictions on entry into the country and the rules of entry, as we bring everything you need to know to travel from Spain to Russia. In addition to providing important information to be taken into account before traveling.

What is a visa and who can apply for it?

As mentioned before There are several measures to enter a country, which may vary depending on the country you are visiting. In turn, they have different forms of application and legal processing.

However andA visa or visa is a license or authorization granted to a person by the government of that country. Which is used to enter and remain in the nation for a definite or indefinite time.

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

In the same way, there are different types of visa for each type of traveler or emigrant who wants to process it. And according to the activity that will be carried out in the country, such as tourism, work, studies, among others.

With regard to those who can sue you, they simply must do so according to the nationality you have and comply with the requirements imposed by the government and the embassy.

Where it is processed

You will wonder where you can order it, as you need to visit Russia starting with Spain. Well, basically you just need to investigate or locate the Russian embassy within the European nation.

Once you know where this embassy is located, you should investigate whether it has a web portal and seek information on the processing of this document. Or visit it within the hours they have for public attention, as well as the types of visas this country offers.

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

As you well know, like other nations, these they have a strict visa approval system. As well as a strict processing and processing system for them.

Steps to process the visa

Now we will show you step by step how easy it is to process your visa at Russian visa centers. Available in different regions and main cities of EspA-N-A.

  1. In the first instance, you must certify that you meet all requirements to process it, in addition to complying with the terms and conditions of the process as travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, invitation letter, travel insurance corresponding to the term and amount established to purchase it.
  2. What follows is the filling in of the visa application form, with the traveler’s personal data and according to the instructions on the website. So you should print it out and give it a front photo with a background blue or white.
  3. Perform and confirm the authorization for the processing of personal data Remember to cancel the cost according to the consulate or visa center you visit to complete the process.
  4. Therefore, you must cancel the processing of the case through the different means that the Russian embassy makes available to the public.
  5. Finally, you can visit any of the Russian visa centers in Spanish territory with the documents and requirements necessary to carry out the process.

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit this web page Russian visa from Spain. There you will get additional information about the processing of this document.

How much?

The processing of a visa, regardless of the country you wish to visit, it is important that you have and pay for processing the document. Since these are very important to enter the country from which you obtained the authorization or visa.

The cost of these documents generally varies depending on the country where you want to process them or where you require them. However, Russia requires that Spanish citizens cancel the processing of this document around the 58 euros for an ordinary visa.

This has the modality of having a delivery of 10 days from the date of delivery of the documentation to the visa center. Instead urgent visa that has a cost of 113 euros have a delivery in a period of 3 days.

Documentation and recommendations for traveling to Russia

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

It is important that before traveling to Russia you obtain all the documentation required by that country to be able to enter. It is important to emphasize that you must know the documents you need, if you want to travel on different occasions, as these may vary from one moment to another.

Equally We inform you that if you wish to process the tourist visa, only the visa will be valid during the time you are in the country. Which is within the paid hosting days.

This is very important do you remember that They will not let you leave the country if the visa is expiredSo be it for a few hours. So, you will have to process an emergency at a very high cost and they will not deliver to you for less than 3 days having requested.

However, we ask our readers to take action in this regard. On the other hand, within the documentation, in addition to the visa, it is important that you take with you the vaccination of diseases such as rabies, Lyme and encephalitis and malaria.

Migration card

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

With the visa and after the flight arrived to the Russian nation It is important that you process the migration card immediately. This is a document that is usually delivered to you on the plane, shortly before landing or near the airport’s immigration offices.

This small document completes the Russian visa and is addressed to all foreigners. Where they must fill in certain data, consists of 2 identical sheets and one of them must be handed over to the immigration officer and the rest is in the custody of the citizen.

It is used to carry out the transfer and the different records within the Russian Federation. Therefore, it works as a type of foreign DNI. It is only valid for the time that you intend to stay in the country.


When a foreigner arrives in the Russian Federation and has already gone through the airport migration process, he has 24 hours to register. That is, during the period of time that we have just mentioned, you must register with the purchased accommodation.

Requirements for traveling from Spain to Russia

This is due to the fact that to register a foreigner in a hotel, it is necessary to have a visa and immigration card.

Finally, we ask all of our readers to investigate and investigate further on all the requirements and aspects to be taken into account before visiting this country. Since it is currently very strict with its migration and stay policies in this country.


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