Requisitos para viajar a Turquía desde México: Documentación necesaria

The exotic and interesting Turkey. Read the Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey: required documentation.Have a great trip to this place so full of culture and unforgettable places!

Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

Requirements for travel from Mexico to Turkey

All nations of the world have the power to create regulations for visiting or staying in their lands by foreign citizens.

Turkey is no longer able to visit him, Just present the travel document or passport, the ticket for leaving the country, the declaration of the amount provided to cover the expenses during the stay and of course the visa.

In the case of Mexican citizens, a visa can be issued online and free of charge.

Everything is going very well, only that the documents must meet the following conditions for entry into Turkey:

  • The passport or travel document must not have an expiration date less than 60 days after the date of entry into force of the visa or residence permit. Otherwise, the migration authorities will not authorize entry into the country.
  • The passport must be valid for at least six months on the date of entry and must be valid until the end of your trip to Turkey.
  • Valid and current travel ticket, which guarantees the departure from Turkey.
  • The possession of visa should match the purpose of the visit to the Turkish nation.
  • Present proof of family, work or financial ties with the place of origin, as an intention to return to the country of origin.
  • It has sufficient monetary resources to cover your stay.

Regarding the information to be provided at customs, we verify that:

  • Possession of more than $ 10,000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies must be reported to the migration when entering or leaving Turkey.
  • Firearms, tear gas and the well-known pepper spray are not allowed. In addition to some fruits, vegetable eggs, meat, honey, dairy products or foreign plants.
  • The departure of antiques from the country is prohibited. High value objects must have the purchase invoice to present when leaving the country.

To leave Turkey there are no special requirements, as long as you are within the authorized time of stay in the country.

Otherwise, the situation will be irregular, which could lead to economic sanctions or be banned from entering the country in the future.

If you want more information, go to the following link Embassy of Turkey in Mexico.

Necessary documentation Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

Based on article 7, clause B of the «Law on Foreigners and International Protection» number 6458, foreigners wishing to enter Turkey, must present a passport or travel document that replaces.

The passport must be valid for at least 60 days after the period of stay of your visa, as well as e-Visa, visa exemption or residence permit, flight reservation or other means of transport to guarantee the intention to go out and a credit card.

Since 2014, Mexican citizens with a valid common passport can enter the Turkish country through any of the border posts installed in the country.

With the obligation to pre-process the electronic visa for each entry. This account is valid for 30 days for each registration occasion and can be used for a period not exceeding six months.

To obtain this type of visa, you do not need a visa or residence permit from Schengen countries, nor from member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

To obtain e-visa you must enter the website: Click here. In compliance with the principle of reciprocity, issuing electronic visas to Mexicans is free.

In the situation that Mexican citizens wishing to stay in Turkey for reasons other than tourism must apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey authorized in Mexican territory.

Therefore, they should complete the application form and the requested documentation. Requesting the format by email: embassy.mexico@mfa.gov.tr

How is the visa to travel to Turkey Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

Emphasizing the information discussed above, we Mexicans:

  • With a common official passport, they must obtain an electronic visa for entry. Valid for six months and maximum stay of one month or thirty days. Its issuance is free, upon entering the next web.
  • Diplomatic passport holders are not required to apply for a visa. And the maximum stay in Turkey is three months.

It is important to inform that the Turkish authorities have the power to approve or not to approve the entry visa in Turkey.

Health recommendations Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

Before going to Turkey, it is very important to have information about the health variables in the country. This will help us make the best decisions in case of unplanned situations.

Especially those of a health nature, because although there is no obligation for any vaccine to enter Turkey.

Updating the trivalent against diphtheria, tetanus and polio is recommended. Including typhoid fever and hepatitis A and B.

It is recommended have health insurance with alternative coveragea, since private clinics offer excellent services, but their costs are also high and tourists do not receive free medical care.

It is indispensable have the insurance identification card and contact numbers for any emergency situation.

In pharmaceutical service establishments common medicines are found in other countries.

Another recommendation is drink bottled water and avoid eating fish from non-coastal areas. If you’re in the summer and you know how to cook, It is suggested boiling vegetables before consuming them.

In the areas of Central Anatolia, the Black Sea coast, use of repellents, as cases of hemorrhagic fever, which is caused by a type of tick, have been commented.

For more information on recommendations on health measures in Turkey, you can access the following link Preventive care clinic for travelers or CAPV.

Laws and customs in Turkey Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

Turkish authoritiess expanded their surveillance powers and control of people and their vehicles and can officially register vehicles and their passengers, if necessary. As prohibit circulation in some areas of the country.

These extraordinary attributions were generated by the state of emergency suffered in 2016, due to the attempted coup.

It is recommended demonstrate strict respect for the country’s national symbols. Likewise to its institutions and heroes of its history.

it is It is strictly forbidden to drive intoxicated or drunk vehicles. The use or violation of these rules can be punished with imprisonment, imprisonment, with very severe penalties.

Car seat belts are mandatory.

Visitors can drive a rental car upon presentation of their driver’s license.

In case of being arrested, ask the authority that submits you to be able to communicate with the Mexican embassy authorized in the national territory.

It is a right included in the international conventions that both countries have signed. The consular staff of Mexico will assist you as soon as the Turkish authorities allow it.

For these and other reasons, it is advisable to have contact numbers for consular protection. You can also upload the token generated with the registration to registration system for Mexicans abroad.

You can consult the services of consular protection and assistance that the Government of Mexico can activate in Turkey.

With reference to customs in Turkey, we know that Most are Muslims, with customs and customs of mandatory respect.

Upon entering a mosque, your temple for meditation and reflection, we should take off our shoes as a sign of respect, women should have their hair covered and gentlemen should not wear shorts.

What places can I visit in Turkey

Requirements for traveling from Mexico to Turkey

In Turkey, there are very exotic places to visit. Among them we have:

Istanbul, represents the meeting point between East and West, generating an immense fascination for this area. When walking through its streets, they find varied contrasts, like mosques, between the hippest bars and restaurants. Also the mythical Taksim Square and the Galata Tower. And you must visit the Grand Bazaar.

To complete your visit to Istanbul, you should sail on the Bosphorus river, preferably at sunset.

Another magical place in Turkey is Cappadocia, and you must have seen on instagram, the place of hot air balloons flying over Göreme. This city is located among very impressive rock structures. Walking from the air, you can enjoy monasteries and churches that formed naturally among the rocks. It is one of the landscapes that deserves to be seen in Turkey.

And we cannot forget the Pamukkale Roman Spa, generated by the strong earthquakes in the region, giving its groundwater the special characteristic of being rich in minerals.

Its name means cotton castle, which matches the white color of its waters due to the high proportions of calcium bicarbonate in them. Even so, you can bathe and have an unforgettable experience.

The well-known and famous Troy City, protagonist of excellent films for his famous literary battle, you will be filled with history. This archaeological site declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to its inestimable value for humanity, has been rebuilt up to 9 times after almost total destruction.

And if you like a car ride between the coast and beautiful green hills, don’t miss Smyrna in Izmir. Nearby you will find Kadifekale, where you can see the ruins of the fortress that protected the city. Also, very close are the ruins of Ephesus.

We suggest that you contact a car rental company so that you can visit all these wonderful sights and have a good trip!

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