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If you want to open a meat processing and handling company, you must comply with the federal type of inspection certificate so that the company can distribute its products in Mexican territory, sending the consumer a certified quality product and attached to Mexican laws, here we tell you how to get the TIF.

Necessary documents

The documents required to obtain the TIF (type of federal inspection) certificate are as follows:

  1. The applicant’s full name or business name.
  2. Telephone for contact, in addition to the fax number.
  3. Home address of the interested party.
  4. The email address, as appropriate.
  5. RFC known as the federal constituent registration number.
  6. A document must be made in which the written request is made, specifying the reasons or reasons why the certificate request is made, the body to which the request is addressed and the place and date on which it is issued.

These documents must be presented in their original form, not in copies.

Requirements your company must meet

The requirements that a company must meet to opt for the federal type of inspection certificate (TIF) are as follows:

tif2 requirements

  1. The constitutive act of the person with legal quality and legal power.
  2. Description of the construction of the construction site in accordance with the legal provisions that describe Mexican animal health laws.
  3. Document describing the competencies and activities to which the company will engage. This document must specify the species of animals that will be treated and the processes that will be carried out for this purpose. It should also include the company’s installation capacities, maximum storage capacity and business hours.
  4. Plant specifying the operation and traffic between loading and unloading areas, product storage and processing. The evaluation of the plan will be carried out taking into account the flow required by the product and the team for its processing, ensuring a sanitary process in accordance with national regulations, without exposing the product to contamination.
  5. Regulation that fits the pesticides that will be used in the establishment issued by the secretariat of agriculture, livestock, rural development, fisheries and food known as SAGARPA or by the secretariat or by the SSA health secretariat. Said document must contain the commercial designation of the product offered, the applications, uses and the registration number issued by the corresponding entity or, failing that, attach the service provision contract and respective accreditation (these data are verifiable).
  6. Document describing the general operating procedure (s) that are performed for sanitation, in accordance with Mexican animal health law.
  7. Product traceability and recovery document.
  8. Specific hazard analysis plan and proposals for its control in accordance with animal health legislation.
  9. Data sheet or technical sheet of the material used for the packaging of the finished product, in which it is specified that they are safe and do not present a risk of contamination of the products that are packed there.
  10. Document describing the general operating procedure (s) that are performed for sanitation, in accordance with Mexican animal health law.
  11. Quality control, document that describes the following:
  • Management and control of raw materials that are used in the processing of goods of animal origin and that therefore contain allergens.
  • Competencies and procedures that the company maintains for the control of goods of animal origin.
  • Description of the monitoring that will be carried out at suppliers of raw materials or additives that allow the finalization of the product they offer.
  • Monitoring of criticisms, complaints or suggestions made by consumers to the product offered by the company.
  • Record of activities and frequency with which work procedures are performed.
  • Position and activities performed by each employee of the company.
  • Sheet describing the equipment calibration program and supplier development.
  1. Product labels must contain the following information:
  • Characteristic name that describes the product.
  • It must have the caption «inspected and approved by SAGARPA México», followed by the TIF code and a space for the number that will be assigned to the establishment.
  • Identification of the batch that makes up the product.
  • Company name and manufacturer’s address, plus postal code.
  • Ingredients contained in the product described in the application order.
  • Conditions of consumption, conservation and handling of the finished product.
  • The additional information contained on the label that identifies the product offered by the company must be framed in accordance with the provisions of the national traffic regulations.
  1. Document that specifies the final destination of the residues or offal generated in the treatment-manufacturing processes, specifying whether the establishment has facilities for the referred process or if it has a current contract with the company that owns it (company that must be registered with SAGARPA)

These documents must be presented in copies of the originals.

Importance of sanitation conditions

Sanitary conditions allow the handling of raw materials and additives to be done in a way that does not contaminate the product, in order to protect those who make the manufacturing, packaging and production process feasible, as well as the final consumer of that product.

Health standards respond to a series of requirements that demand and cover well-being from the form of acquisition of the raw material to the form of consumption without preserving the finished product.

Steps to follow

The process that must be completed to obtain the TIF certificate is as follows:

  1. Documents are received first.
  2. Followed by the issuance of a documentary opinion, which consists of notification of documentary compliance and visit.
  3. Then, the inspection of the establishment where the company will be started is carried out.
  4. As soon as the inspection shows a positive result, the payment must be sent to the DGIAAP.
  5. And finally, the TIF certification or extension is issued and delivered.

NOTE: If for any reason any of the opinions are unsuccessful

What is Tif?

TIF is defined as a form of federal inspection granted to companies that dedicate their activity, service and / or operation to the slaughter and processing of meat and all types of meat products through SAGARPA, which is the secretary of agriculture, livestock, rural development, fisheries and food. This is done at the request of the interested party and once the requirements are met and with the corresponding procedure, they are granted the certification document.

What is the certificate for?


Obtaining the TIF certificate allows free transit through Mexican territory, since it accredits the company for the manufacture and distribution of meat products, opening up the possibilities of international trade from the establishments that are accredited by the secretary of agriculture, livestock, rural development, fishing and food are the only companies with the possibility of exporting their products.

Common questions

Is the process only possible in person?

No, the process can also be done by visiting https://senasis.senasica.gob.mx/login

What is the exact address of the office where the procedure is performed?

The process can be carried out at the central offices of the health, safety and agri-food quality services located on Boulevard Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, on the ground floor of building 5010.

What is the time of attention?

The hours of service of the national health service are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.


Mexican Meneda2

The cost of federal inspection procedures is US $ 20,985.00 mxn.

Issuance time and procedure difficulty

The TIF certificate is issued after verification of documentation and compliance with the operating space is completed. The processing time is approximately three months, as each procedure has a verification process. The process will not be very difficult if the process described in this article is followed.

The TIF certificate guarantees the safety of the people who handle the raw material of the product, which in some way enables the production and distribution of the product, in addition to guaranteeing the consumer that he is purchasing a quality product accredited by the entity. corresponding national

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