Tarjeta de Seguridad Social o Sanitaria en España – ¿Cómo tramitarla?

It is very important to have health coverage when we are traveling, Social Security or Health Card in Spain – How to process?, will show you the different ways to get it, don’t miss it.Health card

How to apply?

The European Health Card, also known as TSE, it is a personal and non-transferable document, with application within the European Union and the countries included in the Schengen treaty, which allows whoever owns it receive public health care, as received by citizens of the country where you are located.

That is, with the European Health Insurance Card TSE, the person who, in countries already indicated, as a tourist, studies or works, has medical coverage.

It should be noted that the TSE, It is neither the Social Security number nor the Spanish community’s health document.

To order health card European, for the first time, There are several ways: over the Internet, in person and over the phone.

By Internet

  1. Enter the site Electronic Social Security Office
  2. Select the Citizens optionHealth card
  3. click in Health careHealth card
  4. In the list of services find European health card (TSE) and expand informationHealth card
  5. Various forms of direct access are presented after data validation: Digital Certificate; User: Password.Health card
  6. If you do not have any of the above, select Without certificate
  7. Read the information displayed
  8. Select option Request / renew health cardHealth card
  9. In the type of application select: Only for the right holder (worker or retired)Health card
  10. Fill out the form according to the instructions at the end of the same page
  11. click in ACCEPT

The European Health Card or TSE will arrive at the address indicated in the data, 10 days after the registration of the request.

Via telephone

This way it is very simple

  1. Calling 901.16.65.65.
  2. Ask the operator for the European Health Card and provide personal data
  3. The operator will register the request

10 days after the registration of the request, the European Health Card will arrive at the address indicated in the data.

INSS offices

As we discussed earlier, there is also the option to request On-site, attending Social Security.

This way, you can apply for the first time or if you are unemployed, we suggest preferably by appointment and complete the European Health Insurance Card application form.

To request an appointment, you can call 901 106 570, free of charge, the service is from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

What is the Social Security Card or Health Card?

We know how Individual Health Card, to indispensable document for access to the public health services and the health services of the Community of Madrid, as well as the National Health System.

It is issued by the Department of Health of the Community of Madrid, with the objective of recognizing people who use the Unified Health System of the Community of Madrid, streamlining the enjoyment of health benefits.

We talk about Undefined validity when referring to the Social Security Card or Health Card.

With the except that cardholders are non-EU foreigners, since its validity will be the same as that stated in the Alien Identity Card (TIE), and as a community validity will be the same as the European Union Citizen Registration Certificatefor.

In the event of loss, loss, theft or damage, it may be request a duplicate with the same conditions as the previous one, attending the corresponding Health Center according to their home address, presenting their valid DNI or NIE.

If you have an electronic DNI or digital signature certificate, the copy can request electronically .

What is it for?Health card

To be able to access health resources offered in any European country with the same conditions and treatment as a local citizen, allowing to identify as a user of the European healthcare system.

When using health centers, the European Health Card must be presented so that the person linked to Spanish Social Security can be identified, and the hospital after medical care, issue and manage invoices corresponding to the cost of services provided.

How to renew the card?

For the renewal of the TSE The same routes and procedures explained above are used: via the Internet, in person or by telephone.

If the personal data has been modified Must be done face to face before the INSS offices.

O renovation can be made of personally thirty (30) days before the expiration date or sixty (60) days before, if you do it online.


Renew simultaneously with travel plans, with time to resolve any type of incident.

The term of TSE validity is two (2) yearsHowever, there are conditions that may vary:

  1. To be registered as a person with little or no economic resources, validity is ninety (90) days.
  2. To know collecting unemployment benefits or benefits, the validity period will be the same as the validity of benefit payment.
  3. If you have residence permit, the validity will be while the stay lasts upon residence permit.

Official mobile appsHealth card

It is suggested during the stay in the countries mentioned, download to mobile, the app for cell phones with Android system and also for Iphone that the European Commission managed, where information is provided for the use of the Card sAnitaria Europea or TSE.

Through them you can access multiple queries, in real time, related to management and refunds, cover for treatments and related costs, emergency phones, what to do in case of card loss, even he will notify the validity period, among others.

Also information about treatments available in each country, even without obtaining the TSE, in chronic cases such as dialysis or chemotherapy.

They can be accessed by different platforms, such as APP Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, searching and downloading your content.

Common questionsHealth card

What can I do if I need the TSE urgently?

The Provisional Substitute Certificate can be downloaded online, it has the same coverage as the definitive TSE, but it is valid for ninety (90) days.

With my Social Security Card, can I access Health Centers in other European countries?

No, the Social Security Card only provides coverage for health services in Spain, to access Health Centers in another country it is necessary to have the European Health Card or TSE.

My TSE was stolen, what can I do?

If you are about to travel, urgently download the CPU or the Provisional Substitute Certificate, remember that it lasts ninety (90) days, if it is not urgent, make the renewal through the mentioned channels.

What is the cost of registration for TSE?

The procedures for obtaining the European Health Card are free, zero cost. Do not accept charges for processing this document, the procedures are very simple and free.

I applied for TSE, how long should I wait to get?

The deadline for the delivery of the European Health Card is a maximum of ten (10) days after the requested date, it will be delivered to the address in the order data, if it exceeds the deadline, enter the Consult on the internet, or in a INSS office.

Health card

With the greatest desire that the Social Security or Health Card in Spain – How to process? serve as support during its management.

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