¿Te casas? Consigue el certificado de matrimonio en RENAP Guatemala

You got married? Obtain a marriage certificate from RENAP Guatemala , do not stop reading us, we show in a simple and clear way, the steps to obtain the certificate.

Renap marriage certificate

What is the marriage certificate?

It’s the document that validates the data of a marriage certificate, which has fulfilled the legal requirements to enroll in the database of the National Register of People of RENAP, which in turn is the body in charge of issuing it by electronic or in person.

The one issued electronically has the validity, security and certainty, that if it is issued in person, since it has a correlative number and authorized electronic signature, in addition to a unique identification number.

On the marriage certificate The date and place of the event, the sheet number, the book and the item where it was registered in the Civil Registry are confirmed corresponding, in addition to couple’s personal details Contracting Party, their full names, place of residence, identity documents, type of economic regime adopted, whether capitulations or not.

What is it for?

For confirm that a person has met all the requirements imposed by law and their marital status is that of married.

Why should I process this?

It is necessary in many procedures: for the affiliate and beneficiary enrollment at the Social Security Institute of Guatemala IGSS, to sue for a divorce, for death record, to manage inheritances, among many others.

How to get the marriage certificate?

The Civil Registry of People, through the National Registry of RENAP people, offers certificate services by via electronic, from its official website and from your smartphone, by downloading the Google Play app and App Store.

also face to facein its different Offices located throughout the national territory.


The main requirement for applying for a Marriage Certificate is to have completed the registration of Marriage Certificate.

This inscription is made of face to face in any of offices of the National Register of Persons RENAP.

For the registration of the Marriage Certificate, the law establishes a maximum period of thirty (30) days after the event, in the case of registration after that period, the Format assigned by RENAP.

There are four situations in which the event was held and each has a document requirement:

Before a notary or worship minister

  • Submit the detailed notification, identifying the marriage agreement document and the economic regime adopted, if applicable.
  • Authorization to celebrate the wedding if the parties are minors.

In the Municipal Republic of Guatemala

  • Present a certified copy of the marriage certificate, with the identification of the marriage agreement document and the economic regime adopted, if applicable.

Consular Abroad

  • Submit the marriage notification to the Guatemalan consulate located in the country where the event is being held
  • Submit the original form submitted by the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Civil Registry of Persons for the respective registration.

Notary Abroad

  • Present the original and copy of the registration document of the marriage certificate from abroad, with the legal passes and the respective translations, if applicable.

O Registration of wedding capitulations, It should also be done in person at RENAP’s offices, with the following documents:

  • Present, in original and in copy, the public deed of marriage agreements or the certificate of the fractional act before the official who authorized the marriage.

For all civil event records and annotations, in accordance with Board Agreement Number 104-2015 in Article 16 of the Civil Registry Registration Regulation, it is mandatory:

  1. Present the applicant’s current Ornate Ticket, except for those exempt from payment or by court order.
  2. Fill and sign the form provided by the National Register of People of RENAP, if any, according to the register or note to be made
  3. Proof of payment, if registration is outside the stipulated maximum term.

Then, having completed the registration of the Marriage Certificate, to make the electronic request for the Marriage Certificate, it is necessary to have:

  1. Unique CUI identification code
  2. User in RENAP
  3. Internet connection
  4. Electronic payment instrument (credit or debit card)


To obtain it electronically, the steps are very simple, but you must first have a user:

Register with RENAP

  1. Enter the site RENAPRenap marriage certificate
  2. Locate at the bottom of the page Citizen PortalRenap marriage certificate
  3. click in ENTEROKAY
  4. To locate CHECK INRenap marriage certificate
  5. Fill in the requested dataRenap marriage certificate
  6. Put on password
  7. click in REGISTERRenap marriage certificate
  8. The registration is complete, you have a username and password

Request an electronic marriage certificate

  1. Enter the site RENAPRenap marriage certificate
  2. To locate SERVICES
  3. In the Online column select All servicesRenap marriage certificate
  4. click in Electronic Certification RequestRenap marriage certificate
  5. Select the option that best suits you according to the device you are using: PC, Lapto: Portal E Citizen and with Smart Mobile Phone: Download the action for AndroidRenap marriage certificate
  6. Locate the option Wedding certificate
  7. Fill in the requested information
  8. Machete payment of the procedureRenap marriage certificate
  9. Ready, the certificate will be sent to your email and you can print it whenever you want


With the issuance of the Marriage Certificate electronically, the Renap National Register of People, offers citizens facilities in their procedures from the comfort of your home, without having to leave the house, avoiding the collapse of people in their offices, as well as long hours of waiting.

You also have the document validation RENAP’s website, placing the unique identification data that is printed on it.

We emphasize that the Marriage Certificate can be requested for the performance of several procedures in other national or international entities, its validity will depend on who requests it.

Finally, the electronic procedure generates tranquility and agility in obtaining the certificate and thanks to the technological advances that it enjoys authenticity and securityas it has an electronic signature and barcode, as well as correlative numbers and unique identifiers for the document.

These security instruments, allow the verification and validation Via web, through the official electronic page of the National Register of People of RENAP, extend the scope to citizens for procedures related to civil events.

Tips and recommendations

After knowing the procedure and the importance of having a Marriage Certificate, we allow ourselves to warn that:

  • Avoid paying third parties for the procedureIt is very simple and fast, in addition to being available to all candidates.
  • Keep your personal identification updated and current, as well as your CUI number.
  • When demanding any documents related to civil facts, see the official website of the National Register of People RENAP
  • Avoid unnecessary transfers, as well as long lines or stays at the locations.
  • Comply with the established times to registeravoid being penalized.
  • Confirm that you have the availability of financial resources for payment of the procedure.
  • Make sure to gather with all the requirements for the certification process to be successful.
  • It is also our responsibility to ensure the optimal functioning of the services offered by public agencies, to use them with common sense and to provide the necessary alerts to improve them.

We hope we helped. Are you going to marry? Obtaining a marriage certificate at RENAP has tried to facilitate obtaining a certificate in Guatemala.

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