¿Te casas? Obtén tu certificado de matrimonio en Chile

Will you get married soon? Do you need to have your marriage certificate? Well, you are in the right place! Keep reading if you want to know everything about how to get your marriage certificate in Chile.

Wedding certificate

First of all, What is the marriage certificate? What is it for? These are frequently asked questions. We explain:

What is the marriage certificate?


When two people are in love and try to live together, they choose to get married. We know it is a unique moment, indescribable and full of magic. If you are getting married and making your life a bond with someone else, there are certain documents that you cannot leave out. The marriage certificate is one of them.

But is? what is it for? Well the wedding certificate It is the document issued by the civil official at the civil registry office at the request of the applicant.

It is extremely necessary to perform several procedures. You may never be able to use it, but never dismiss the idea. We recommend that you request as soon as possible after the wedding celebration, maximum 5 days or a week after the wedding.

Basically, it attests to the act of marriage. Save the date, time and location where this happens. It’s like a birth certificate, for example.

Who issues this document?

Who issues the document is the Corresponding Civil or Consular Registry.

However, electronic marriage certificates with an electronic seal can also be requested from the Directorate-General for Registries and Notaries, taking as a reference the information collected in the central database of all those registered in the Civil Registries.

In the case of Chile, the person responsible for carrying out the procedure is ChileAtiende. We will explain the process later.

Because it is necessary?

Although we have already mentioned this to you, it is necessary for two reasons:

Chile Marriage Certificate

  1. Save, collect and document your wedding. Date, time and place.
  2. You will need it for other procedures.

It is extremely important that you have it and do not leave it unregistered, it is an official document that attests to the celebration of the wedding.

How to achieve this?

The procedure and requirements are extremely simple. You don’t even need anything to request.

Here are the steps:


In your case, what you will request is the certificate with registration. What is your wedding data?

Then you pay what the document costs.

Ready! You have your birth certificate.

Civil Registry


  • The document is delivered immediately, once the applicant has complied with the above precautions and completed the process that will allow him to obtain the certificate.

Common questions

When should the marriage certificate be requested from the corresponding entity?

At any time of the year, preferably 5 days or a week after the wedding. It is the most recommended, so time will pass and you can forget.

Who can complete the marriage certificate application process?

The application for a marriage certificate must be made by one of the spouses or a third party with their authorization.

Who issues the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is issued by an employee who works at the lawyer’s premises.

How much?

We cannot tell you the current price, however, when you go directly, they will tell you the corresponding price.

Join your special person and don’t forget the procedures you need. Very successful! Process your marriage certificate, don’t be left out. Follow the steps and requirements and get it immediately.

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