Tramita el Certificado de nacimiento en México

O Birth certificate Initially, it is completely free and it is up to the professionals who assist the delivery to deliver the birth certificate to the mother without any conditions at the time of discharge.mexico civil registry

Otherwise, you can send it over the Internet or wherever the civil registry is where, it is worth dismissing, the birth of the child is registered.

Birth certificate requirements

The requirements for obtaining a birth certificate are as follows:


  • Unique Population Registration Code (CURP)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Registration entity
  • Sex
  • Affiliation details (full name of mother or father)
  • For online payment, credit or debit card
  • For referenced payment, have a printer to print the payment format

Steps for the procedure

  1. First you must enter https://www.gob.mx/ActaNacimiento/
  2. Provide the requested data. You have two options for entering personal data or CURP.
  3. In the next guide, you must provide your parents’ first and last names.
  4. As for the cost of the procedure, it will depend on the State where the procedure is performed.
  5. Finally, print the certified birth copy

In the event of an error, you can contact the following e-mail gobmx@funcionpublica.gob.mx or the numbers below 01 (55) 51 74 81 60, 01 (800) 839 1974.

Where it is done?

This request can be made online or at the civil registry where it was initially registered.

How much?

The cost of this procedure at baby’s birth is free, the rest of the cost of reprinting it will depend on where you decide to do it and in what state where it is done, so we will leave you a list of the states and their costs:


$ 45.00 mxn

Baja California
$ 178.00 mxn

Baja California Sur
$ 166.00 mxn

$ 48.00 mxn

$ 110.00 mxn

$ 100.00 mxn

Mexico City
$ 71.70 mxn

$ 138.00 mxn

$ 73.00 mxn

$ 113.00 mxn

$ 77.00 mxn

$ 90.00 mxn

$ 105.00 mxn

$ 76.00 mxn

$ 48.00 mxn

$ 128.00 mxn

$ 170.00 mxn

$ 60.00 mxn

New Lion
$ 48.00 mxn

$ 93.00 mxn

$ 110.00 mxn

$ 101.00 mxn

Quintana Roo
$ 40.00 mxn

Sao Luis Potosi
$ 91.00 mxn

$ 89.00 mxn

$ 97.00 mxn

$ 81.00 mxn

$ 80.00 mxn

$ 121.00 mxn

Vera Cruz
$ 147.00 mxn

$ 145.00 mxn

$ 90.00 mxn

How long does it take to be delivered?

After the corresponding payment, it will be possible to download the certified birth certificate continuously. If this is the first time you have paid for this service, you will have 24 hours after payment to download it again.

What is it for?

Having these documents in hand is essential for the registration of people and their certification in any documentation that is necessary, such as obtaining a passport, issuing a voting certificate, entering the school.


The Mexican government has developed a platform so that anyone with basic data can have an immediate and certified impression of it via the Internet and a prepayment, which can be reprinted within the next 24 hours.

This develops a great benefit that you will not have to rely on civil servants and office hours to acquire it.

new unique format of birth certificate

The Mexican state has developed a database so that citizens can obtain the Birth certificate so that they don’t have to go through strenuous processes, from bread basket face to face to issue it, it also accelerates the demand for the document.

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