Tramita tu certificado de domicilio en Argentina

Process your Home certificate In Argentine at the speed of light, it is easy and simple, read the next lines, they will serve as guide to make you a successful process and also with time to present it to other entities that request it.

Certificate of domicile in Argentina
Certificate of domicile in Argentina

What is the residency certificate?

It is a document where the veracity of the address or place of residence where you say you live.

The address can be your home, apartment, own or rented, a trailer, hotel, hotel apartment, student residence, etc.

According to the law, the home is a characteristic of each personIt is simply the place where the individual voluntarily selected to carry out their basic daily activities, for a long or short stay in that location.

What must be taken into account is that the address you provide is the same as your national identity document known as DNI, for those who have it, or what will appear, if applicable, who will request it.

The body authorized to issue it is the Argentine Federal Police, in their police stations or police stations, the closest to your home addressa, who will designate an officer to verify that you live in that location, and if you are there, he will deliver the certificate to you immediately, or you can pick it up at the same station where you requested it, if you are not present during the visit of the official.

The procedure to obtain it is very easy and without complications, at least in Buenos Aires, once the police station and opening hours are located, just present your identity, identity document or passport if you are a foreigner.

What do I need it for?

The residency certificate is required for a wide variety of procedures, the main one is the application for DNI, for own or foreigners.

Since the DNI, it’s the primary document perform any other procedure, such as banks, service requests: telephones, water, electricity; student enrollment, beginning a working relationship and countless situations where it is necessary.

In the immigration service it is also required in several of its procedures, as is the case, the application for residence for foreigners, among others.

Who issues it?

Since 2015, complying with the constitution and since Argentine Presidency In agreement with the security organizations, it was approved to allocate the necessary resources to the Government of Buenos Aires for the full exercise of police functions.

Through this constitutional mandate and fulfilling all the legal steps that involve several law enforcement agencies in Argentina, Security functions and powers that are not federal in nature have been assigned to the Police. In hierarchy and functioning, the Police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires depends on the Head of Government through the Ministry of Justice and Security.

It is based on the main objective of this security body, which guarantees citizens the possibilities to enjoy the freedoms and rights that per constitutional category belong to them.

As well as, helping to reduce bureaucratization that applies new ways of organizing, channeling and facilitating administrative processes, Argentine Federal Police, a body empowered to authorize the issue of the Residence Certificate through police stations, police stations or districts, suggesting that it is the closest to the applicant’s place of residence.

Can this be done online?

Not, although we know that currently most procedures are simplified online or online, but this is not the case with the Certificate of Residence.

Confirming what was stated in the previous paragraphs, the request of the Home certificate Very simple and without complications, including the requested documents, they are the basic identification of those who live permanently in Argentina, are visiting or doing work or academic activity for a certain time.

How can I get the residency certificate?

To obtain the certificate, you must know the exact direction where are you staying then locate the police station, district or district federal government closest to the place of residence.

We suggest that you confirm the opening hours to the public, in order to avoid trips and wasted time, although you can attend during office hours with your national identification documents or DNI, or passport If you are a foreigner and have not yet processed your DNI, also bring a valid document that proves your identity and place the order.

After a reasonable period of time, from two (2) to three (3) days, an officer or police officer will visit the address where you say you live, to confirm with the same applicant or ask among neighbors and check if it is true.


The documents to be presented are:Home

  • The national identity document or DNI, if you have
  • The identity certificate or passport, if you are a foreigner and have not processed a DNI.

Steps to follow

The steps are quick and easy:

  1. Confirm the exact direction
  2. Locate the police station, district or police station closest to the address
  3. Confirm business hours
  4. Gift National identity document or passport
  5. Request thepossession of an officer from the federal police station
  6. Meet official requirements
  7. Take a reasonable time from two to three days for a police officer to confirm the address
  8. Receive the certificate or collect it at the same police station
  9. ready

As you could corroborate what I said from the beginning, it is a super simple procedure, in summary:

  • The residence certificate can be issued to all citizens.
  • You can do this on Central Federal Police Building or at the police station, precinct or federal police station close to home.
  • The application and the issuance of the certificate is Without cost, it’s free.
  • The validity will depend on who requests your presentation, be it government agency, private company or individual.
  • The procedure must be performed in afor the team and presenceI.
  • Forget about requesting an appointment, appointment or space to process it.
  • You just need the Document passport or national identity.

This application is so simple, that it gives the impression that the procedure is repeated, but it is very necessary that you understand how easy it is to obtain it, There have been cases of people offering their advisory and management services to obtain monetary profit.


This will only waste time and money, because what they give you will not enjoy credibility or validity, keep in mind that your presence is necessary for ordering and receiving.

Below you will find a dozen Commissioners, with their locations and phone numbers, which may be near your address:

With the greatest wishes that when processing your residency certificate in Argentina you will do so without a hitch, we salute you.


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