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Trámites y Requisitos para antecedentes penales

Are you thinking about emigrating from the country? Are you looking for a job? Are you performing another type of procedure? So, you’re going to need a criminal record.

So here we will explain, what is it? What is it for? the requirements and the steps to be taken to perform the procedure quickly, simply and efficiently.

criminal record requirements

¿whatand is the criminal record?

First of all, we need to explain what the Criminal Record Certificate is about, and it is nothing you should be concerned about.

It is a simple official record, delivered to you by a specific body of public administration, in which any type of criminal offense or crime of which you have been guilty or convicted during your life is manifested.

The Criminal Record Certification Issuing Service, consists of extending the Criminal Record Certificate to anyone who requests it.

Whether to introduce you to a job opportunity, to fulfill what is requested by a legal entity or any use that the candidate advises, however, certain requirements that are described in the details of the steps to follow to attend this service must be met.

Why is a criminal record necessary?

At this point, you will say Why do I need a Criminal Record Certificate? How is this useful to me? Why are they asking me?

The answer is very simple, if you are going to travel, the Criminal Record Certificate, before foreign authorities, certifies that you are not being persecuted by the courts and that any judicial act that has been brought against you has already been convicted and finalized.

In the work sector, it is an essential and indispensable requirement that influences the decision to hire you or not. In addition, this is often a very common requirement in other procedures.

criminal record unit

Do all jobs require a criminal record?

As we already mentioned, it is a very frequent requirement in job interviews, but it depends a lot on the type of work you are going to do.

For example, If you are going to work with a formal contract, as a teacher or business administrator, they usually ask for your criminal record.

But if on the contrary it is a much more informal job, as an assistant to a construction company or if you are going to work as a freelancer or trader, then it is not something you need.

If I have a history, does it affect the process of requesting it?

This is a question that comes up very often and the truth is that having a criminal record does not interfere with the process of obtaining the certificate.

Unless you still have a trial or lawsuit in progress, which, in fact, complicates the process, as it is necessary to wait for the litigation to end and the judge’s sentence to obtain the criminal record.

Criminal record requirements

Now, after everything we have explained to you, we finally come to the requirements part, it is to warn you that depending on the person the requirements may vary. So, here is a wide list of requirements, depending on the situation you are in:

  • Nationals over 18:

The only requirement that is requested is the original and current Unique Identity Document, but on the contrary, if in one way or another you do not have the Unique Identity Document, there is an alternative: You can go to the nearest registry and request a power of attorney drawn up by a Salvadoran notary, in which your identity is guaranteed by two witnesses, as provided for in the Notary Law Article 32 Ordinal 5

A proxy or authorization from the holder will be required before a Salvadoran notary for a third party to carry out the procedure on his behalf.

You must present a certified original or photocopy. Likewise, an original and current DUI or passport of the person authorized to perform the procedure and a photocopy of the director’s or passport’s unique identity document, if it is impossible to obtain them, information about the impossible personal data is the responsibility of the lawyer . recorded in the antecedent.

Steps to obtain a criminal record

The Attorney’s Card will be required, the authorization signed by the detainee, with the original Bartolinas stamp (PNC), or, if applicable, from the Penitentiary Center or document in which one of the parties has been shown in the courts of the to appear, he is your defender.

In addition to the photocopy of the person’s birth certificate or unique identity document.

If it is impossible to obtain them, the defender will be responsible for the information relating to the personal data contained in the background.

Parents must attend, who will identify themselves through the respective Unique Identity Documents (original and current), if they are unable to attend, they can carry out the proxy process. In addition to a birth certificate (maximum three months after issue)

They will need your passport or residence card, original and valid or ID card in case they are attached to the CA (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua)

  • Procedure through the Salvadoran Consulate.

This is another alternative for Salvadorans who are abroad, as it can be done through different consulates authorized by this country.

It is up to the consulate to carry out the procedure of sending the antecedent to the applicant, this service is provided in coordination between the Directorate-General of Penal Centers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Company, legal entity or member of a company

Constitution deed, duly authenticated. Application signed and stamped by a legal representative, containing the declaration of will of all subscribers where the Criminal Record is requested and with the following data: Full name, DUI number (National), Passport, Residence Card or Identification Card in the case to be coupled to the C-4.

Necessary documentation

In addition to the requirements set out above, as required documentation, a Form is required. This requirement applies to each of the above situations.

In case of being abroad, it is done through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, being mandatory to fill out the form to proceed with the procedure.

In El Salvador, they are considered special because they are only used, when the Directorate-General of Penal Centers authorizes it, to present problems with the criminal record generator system, in these cases the interested party can request their registration in the form of a form, attaching photocopy of DUI, and proof of payment, as our branches deliver the antecedent on the business day following your request.

Steps to obtain a criminal record

  • Step 1: Review of identity documents

The responsible administrative employee will ask for his Identity Document, to check the expiration date, if it is legible and ask for what he will use the Criminal Record Certificate, for example: Employment, Arms Registration, VMT, Procedures, Judicial, among others. He will then tell you where to pay the Criminal Record.

  • Step 2: Payment of Criminal Record

The Administrative Collaborator will indicate the amount to be paid for the Criminal Record Certificate, to which you must cancel on the charge, he will ask after the cancellation for which your criminal record will be assigned and will place a fine on the back explaining the reason for issuing the document.

Offices for obtaining a criminal record

  • Step 3: Elaboration of the Background

The administrative employee will ask for your Identity Document and proof of payment again, check if it is valid, legible and then enter the system and check whether or not you have a criminal record, then elaborate Background.

  • Step 4: handing over criminal records

Finally, they will sign and seal the Criminal Record, then they will call you by your name to double check your Identity Document or Document with which the Background was prepared, proof of payment that will seal as delivered and deliver the Background.

He will also ask you to check before leaving for any errors that may exist, which can be corrected within 3 business days for any complaints.

Offices to obtain criminal records

The competent body to obtain a criminal record is the El Salvador Registry and Penitentiary Control, in any of its constituencies. Some of the branches across the country are:

  • San Salvador, Central Office 19, Calle Poniente between 3 ° and 5 °. Av. Norte Col. Guadalupe San Salvador. Tel: 2235-4098, 2235-2114 and 2520404. Opening hours from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Without closing at noon
  • Arms Registration, Rodovia Norte Colonia EL Refugio Ex Transit Building, Office Hours: 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:40 pm. at 15:30. Tel. 2235-2114
  • San Miguel, Day 3. Rua Poniente Pasaje Joaquín Cárdenas Polygon “A” House N ° .9 Colonia Santa Gertrudis San Miguel. Fax: 2661-2698 Business hours from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:40 pm. at 15:30.
  • Santa Ana, 3rd. South Avenue between 5 °. And 7th. Oriente Street House No. 19. Barrio Santa Cruz Santa Ana. Fax: 2447-6312. Opening hours from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm and 12:40 pm. at 15:30.

criminal record requirements for your job

How long does it take to provide the criminal record?

Usually in one day you can complete the whole procedure without too many problems, as we explained above, if there is no problem with the requirements.

Does the criminal record expire?

Criminal records, being for a specific purpose only, expire quickly.

The duration of the criminal record is estimated to be 90 days or the equivalent of three months, so you should try to calculate the dates well so that it does not expire while another process is in progress.

And it will only apply for the proposed purpose, if you want to perform several procedures at the same time, you must remove it again specifying the other use you want to give.

We hope it helps you get the Requirements for criminal records.

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