Trámites y Requisitos para Carnet de Sanidad en Perú

The health card or health card It is a document that attests to the health and hygiene of a person or company that is dedicated to the handling and / or marketing of food for human consumption in public or private service.

health card2.2

According to the Lima City Hall service, to obtain the health card the applicant must schedule an appointment to set a date and time for the document management.

Health card requirements

To enter the center where the procedure will be performed, the individual must present his printed consultation or the procedure number, together with an identity document that can be the original and valid identity document, passport or immigration card.

It is not necessary for the candidate to attend the consultation on an empty stomach, but he must have eaten light foods, exactly foods that do not contain fat.

Company requirements

If the company needs more than 5 people to complete the procedure for obtaining the health card, should appear one day before the scheduled appointment, with the request letter that must be addressed to the Health Sub-management.

The list of people (minimum 10, maximum 50) organized in alphabetical order with the identity document of each worker and a copy of the invoice for payment of previously canceled fees at SAT branches must be taken with you.

Applicants must send a stool and urine sample for laboratory tests.

How to obtain the Health Card?

The health card is obtained requesting a web appointment on the online dating system; Also by calling the center where this document is processed at 632 3232, 632 3233, 632 3228 or going to the same location.

The above requirements must be met, canceling the fees established for processing and obtaining this document.

Fees must be canceled before the scheduled appointment, as the applicant must bring the payment receipt and the procedure number that is issued as soon as payment of the procedure costs is made.


During the consultation, the applicant will have their personal data collected, a medical laboratory examination will also be carried out to examine what the citizen has taken, a blood collection will be carried out, an examination that excludes sexually transmitted diseases, a dental examination test and radiographic evaluation .

  • A photo will be taken for identification.

The process ends between 24 and 48 hours after the consultation with the delivery of the document after the analysis of the medical exams performed. The withdrawal of the document can be done from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm; You can also go on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm.

Where is the Health Card obtained?

The health card can be obtained from the health agencies located on the first and second floors of Jr. Elvira García y García 2791 – Cercado de Lima, one block from the intersection of Avenida Universitaria and Avenida Colonial.

food handling

This document can also be processed at Los Olivos Municipality, located at Avenida Carlos Izaguirre 813, Urbanización Mercurio.

  • Surco Salud headquarters, located in Jirón Grau nº 309, behind the Municipal Palace.
  • San Juan de Miraflores, Avenida Belisario Suarez, number 1075, zone D.
  • Municipality of Santiago de Surco, Avenida Ayacucho Jr. Bolognesi 275, main square.
  • Calle las Gardenias 15, Salamanca urbanization, near Las Gardenias park, Los Quechuas bridge, block 14 of Via Evitamiento.

What is the health card for in Peru

The health card is granted to applicants after their medical examinations and if they are healthy, in order to guarantee the consumer that the food they buy, consume or simply touch is not contaminated (health guarantee).

It also complies with the provisions of Municipal Ordinance 141-98, a law that promotes the practice of food handling, adjusting requirements and specifications based on consumer protection and satisfaction.

How much do you have to pay?

Peruvian currency 2.2

Anyone wishing to purchase the Health Card must cancel the fees corresponding to the payment of the “Health Card”, has a cost of S /. 16.20 which must be canceled at the SAT branches, with code 3001.

People who need preferential care (adults over 60, pregnant women and people with disabilities) They will be able to cancel the fee at the box located at the headquarters located on Avenida Ramón Herrera – Cercado de Lima, crossing the colonial avenue with the university avenue.

Elderly people should pay only for the cost of the procedure S /. 13.00.

Shelf life

The validity of the health card it’s a year for people who they don’t deal with food Y six months for people who dealing with food for human consumption, Once the document has expired, the citizen who wishes to renew it must fulfill the same requirements mentioned and take the corresponding exams again.

The procedure is initiated by the citizen service unit of the city hall; The unit that evaluates the procedure and the body that solves it is the population, health and hygiene post.

NOTE: the card specifies the profession of the holder of that document.

Food handling 322.2

Common questions

How many people attend the Municipal Secretariat daily for the Health Card process?

  • The health card processing office serves between 550 and 600 people per day.

Do they not grant health cards to pregnant women?

  • Pregnant women, if they are able to obtain a health card, the only requirement is that they notify the authorities or nurses who carry out the exams that allow obtaining the aforementioned pregnancy document or suspected pregnancy.

A chest X-ray will be taken to check for pregnancy.

Can the health card be obtained in 24 hours?

  • The Health Card can be purchased in 24 hours, the Surco Salud municipal network offers this health service for the price of S /. 26.00.

Can a child or adolescent opt ​​for a health card?

  • Yes, the minor can request to obtain the health card fulfilling all requirements and also accompanied and authorized by a representative or guardian.


Can you make a duplicate of the card?

  • If a duplicate card can be made, the citizen must go to the place that gave him the card and cancel an S / fee. 3.80, present your original and current identity document (DNI, passport) and you must inform that the procedure to be performed is a duplicate.

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It is necessary that anyone who for any reason has to handle food for human consumption is certified to do so, guaranteeing the health of both parties, the consumer and the handler. We hope we have given you all the information about the Procedures and requirements for the health card in Peru.

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