Trámites y Requisitos para Casarse en Ecuador

Do you want to take the next step with your partner? Formalize your relationship? Marriage is the formal union of two people, a man and a woman, which takes place through judicial processes or certain religious rites, where a significant relationship is established that implies the acquisition of several rights and obligations.

This act represents a bond and affective commitment recognized at a cultural, social and legal level.

Requirements to marry Ecuador

But now, you know what you want with that special someone. Don’t know how to make this possible? What documents do you need? What kind of ceremony to perform? Where to do that? Is very expensive?

Well, here we invite you to meet all Procedures and requirements for getting married in Ecuador!

Requirements for getting married in Ecuador

Currently, civil ceremonies in Ecuador are becoming as popular as religious ones.

Regardless of the type of ceremony you want to perform, here are the requirements for each:

Marry by Civil Registry

  • Once the decision is made, you must go to the Civil Registry of your city to schedule the Wedding at least 15 days and at most one month in advance of the date on which you wish to celebrate the Wedding.
  • The presence of both parties
  • The presence of two witnesses
  • If the contracting parties are minor, the presence of the father, mother or guardian of the child’s parental authority will be required

Getting married in church

  • Reserve the date at least 1 month before the Ceremony
  • Contracting parties should be baptized
  • And I made the confirmation
  • As well as they must have completed the premarital course
  • Two groomsmen (must be a married couple from the Church)

Documents for getting married in Ecuador

Likewise, we will also explain what documents you need to get married in Ecuador:

basic documents to get marriedMarry by Civil Registry

  • Contractors’ citizenship certificate (original and legible copy)
  • Voting certificate of the contracting parties (original and legible copy)
  • Witness citizenship card or identity document (original and legible copy)
  • Witness Voting Certificate (Original and Readable Copy).
  • If the contracting parties have minor children in common, present a birth certificate
  • If they have minor children under the authority of their parents, they must present a Specialized Protocolized Curatorship
  • If you are managing the assets of minors who are under your parental authority, present a solemn inventory of assets, a procedure that must be practiced before a civil judge
  • In case of non-exercise of the Parental Authority of a Minor, present a Declaration of Not Having Parental Authority, a procedure that will be carried out in a Notary’s Office

There are also other requirements that may be required, depending on the parties’ legal situation:

If one or both parties are minor:

  • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate of the minor contractor (valid for 90 days).
  • Signed authorization from the Father, Mother or Guardian of the Parental Authority of the Child.
  • Original and legible copy of the Citizenship Certificate and Voting Certificate of the Father, Mother or Guardian of the Parental Power of the Child.
  • In the event of the death of one of the minor’s parents, it is necessary to present the death certificate.
  • If one of the parents cannot exercise parental authority, the guardian or curator or whoever exercises parental authority will give the authorization.

If one or both parties are divorced:

  • Contractors’ Citizenship Certificate, with updated Civil Status (Original and Legible Copy).
  • Marriage Certificate with the corresponding Divorce Sub-registration.
  • Certified copy of the Divorce Award granted by the Court or the Registry Office
  • Identification and certification of the place where the divorce under-registration was made
  • Duly notified law declaring the dissolution of the matrimonial bond
  • You may not enter into a Marriage within the year following the date on which the sentence was carried out, which was an actor in the Divorce Judgment, if the decision was made in Defendant Spouse’s Rebellion. This prohibition does not extend to the case where the remarriage is made to the last spouse.
  • The woman whose marriage was dissolved by nullity or divorce, will not be able to remarry, unless at least three hundred days have passed since the date on which she under-registered the sentence in the Civil Registry, unless she had proved it before the Chief Civil Registry, Identification and Cedulation, or authority that celebrates the marriage by means of a medical certificate granted by a hospital or public or private health post that is not pregnant, however, one can marry, without presenting a medical certificate, if the new marriage it is done with the last spouse, or if the future spouse manifests, before the authority that celebrates the marriage, recognizing the unborn child as his.

Military-WeddingIf one or both Parties are Members of the Armed Forces:

  • Present Military Credential (Original and Readable Copy).

If one or both parties are widowed:

  • Contractors’ Citizenship Certificate, with Updated Civil Status (Original and Legible Copy)
  • The Widow will not be able to remarry if at least three hundred days have not passed since the date of her Husband’s death, unless she proves before the Head of the Civil Registry, Identification and Cedulation or authority that celebrates the marriage, by means of medical certificate issued by a public or private hospital or health center, who is not pregnant, however, one can marry, without the presentation of the medical certificate, if the future spouse speaks before the authority celebrating the marriage, acknowledge as his the unborn child.

  • Passport and Resident Visa, (Original and Readable Copy).
  • Current census, (original and legible copy).

If one or both parties is a non-resident alien:

  • Migration Movement.
  • Legal stay of 75 days.
  • Passport and Non-Immigrant Visa, (Original and Legible Copy).
  • Birth Certificate and Marital Status Bet and legalized at the Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin in Ecuador, translated if applicable.
  • In case there is no embassy, ​​consulate or diplomatic representative of the country of origin accredited in Ecuador, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify on the matter, for which the foreign contractor must make a sworn statement before the competent authority, indicating their marital status, nationality , date of birth and parents’ first and last names.

If either or both parties are MPolice members on active duty:

  • Police credential (original and legible copy).
  • Marriage authorization issued by the General Command or immediate Chief.

If one or both parties are refugees:

  • Refugee identification card (original and legible copy).
  • Current census (original and legible copy).

Getting married in church

  • Baptism certificate
  • Civil marriage certificate
  • Premarital Course Certificate
  • Single Certificate
  • Copy of the Sponsors’ Certificate.

These are the necessary documents that must be brought to the parish.

Dolores Zambrano, secretary of the La Catedral parish, explains that there are cases in which it is also requested:

  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate of ex-spouse
  • Waiver certificate (in case of family relationship).

Steps to getting married in Ecuador

If you have all the documents and requirements to get married in Ecuador, but you still don’t understand how to start the marriage proposal process, don’t worry, here we explain well, step by step:

Marry by Civil RegistryMarry by Civil Registry

Those who are ready to get married in the coming months, must know the procedures to follow before the civil ceremony.

According to the information provided by the local civil registry office:

First, the contracting parties must pay the amount corresponding to the marriage fee at the institution or outside, plus the value of the certificates with the new marital status.

You must reserve the date of the Wedding, if it is outside Headquarters, you must consider that not all employees wish to do it, outside of their working hours, so you must make this very clear.

The presence of one of the spouses is required at the time of requesting the marriage proposal to verify the data, originals of citizenship titles or updated identity documents of the spouses and witnesses and delivery of the Required Documents as appropriate.

If the weddings are not celebrated on the date indicated, the canceled amount will not be refunded.

Good for the ChurchGetting married in church

The church reservation must be made in advance, it can take a year or more, as in many cases the church may be busy for the date they decided to get married.

To have authorization from the parish priest if the couple decides to marry in a different place, if they have a parish, they must go to the parish to which they belong and ask for authorization to marry in another place.

The required legal documents, such as identity card, passport in case of foreigner, baptism certificate, confirmation certificate, civil marriage certificate, must be delivered in good time.

The premarital course is the certificate of having passed the premarital course where important lectures are given to the couple, but the most important in which GOD is present in their home.

They must make the Declaration of Single in advance, each of the couples must make the declaration of single before GOD and each of the grooms must have a witness with their certification.

Where to go to get married?

Where-to-marryMarry by Civil Registry

To get married by the Civil Registry, you must go to the nearest or preferred location to make the civil marriage proposal.

Getting married in church

To get married in the Church, you must go to the nearest parish or your preference, to make the ecclesiastical marriage proposal.

How much does it cost to get married in Ecuador?

Marry by Civil Registry

Depending on where you want the ceremony to take place, these two fees may apply:

  • Marriage in the Civil Registry:

It can cost approximately $ 50.00 USD

  • Marriage outside the Civil Registry:

Initially the value is between $ 250.00 USD, but it can vary depending on the location and time.

How much does it cost to get married

Depending on where the ceremony takes place, prices can range from $ 50 to $ 500.

There is also a $ 50 USD guarantee, which is returned as long as conditions such as arriving on time and sending documents on time are met.

Depending on the temple, the couple could have an “offer” between $ 100, $ 220, $ 235 or $ 300.

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