Trámites y Requisitos para Casarse en Perú

If you think you have the person you want to start a family with, you should know the requirements for getting married in in turkey

Marriage is the conjugal bond between natural persons consolidated by legal, religious or moral norms.

In other words, marriage is the union of two people, which takes place voluntarily with the sole purpose of building a common life.

Documentation needed to get married

The marriage process and the necessary documentation It will depend on the requirements of the institution, and collecting them within the stipulated time will depend exclusively on the couple.

O requirements to be recorded to be able to perform a wedding are the following:

  • Birth certificate; both grooms must deliver a certified and updated copy.

In the case of people registered in the Province of Lima, they cannot have an issue period of more than three months, while those registered in the other Provinces, the term of validity will be six months.

requirements for traveling from Peru to Mexico

  • Service receipt; It can be a water, electricity or telephone bill. It is requested to verify that at least one of the couples lives in the neighborhood chosen to get married or, if not a resident, requests the transfer, if allowed.
  • Original RG and copy of spouses and witnesses; They must be of legal age, with more than three years of friendship, they cannot be family members and, in addition, copies of the identity document must have the vote stamp of the last elections.
  • Payment for the right to open a marriage; which will allow you to start making the marriage decree.
  • Medical exam; It is requested by the municipality chosen when the other documents are delivered.
  • Single Certification; In some municipalities, the spouses’ sworn statement on marital status is required.
  • Publication of the marriage decree; when obtaining the marriage decree, it must be taken to the municipality’s newspaper. You can get married on the ninth day of its publication, and the maximum validity is four months.

Let’s not forget that when the «Wedding edits» We refer to the public announcement of marriage to be celebrated between man and woman, to denounce the possible impediments that may exist before the union.

Requirements to get married

In addition to the requested documents, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Witnesses; There are usually four witnesses, two for each spouse, one for each sex, respectively.

They must be of legal age, not related to the couple and have a friendship relationship of more than three years to give faith to the authorities that there are no impediments to the union of the two people.

  • Proof of Preventive Counseling; taking into consideration Law No. 26626 which indicates that its validity must not exceed thirty days in relation to the wedding date. This procedure is performed in any health center of the Ministry of Health.

Requirements to be obtained in Peru

Cost of getting married in Peru

As mentioned above, proof of payment of the right to the wedding ceremony is an indispensable requirement, The cost of this right varies depending on the location of the ceremony.

In this sense, and taking into account the place where the wedding takes place, the cost is between 198.10 and 530.60 Nuevos Soles.

Obviously, if the wedding is within the municipal precinct, one day from Monday to Friday during office hours the cost will be less.

For previously divorced boyfriends

If you are divorced and you want to get married again, the first thing you have to do is check the requirements and the necessary documentation to carry out the process.

divorced people in peru

In this sense, additional requirements that must be consigned / fulfilled are as follows:

  • Document that validates the divorce of your previous marriage.
  • Declaration of assets and children; where it is proven that they have no parental authority over their minor children or that they manage their assets.
  • In the case of a divorced woman wishing to marry before 300 days after the divorce, she must present a medical certificate of pregnancy, which obviously must be negative.

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Where to go to get married?

When a couple wants to get married You can go to any municipality in Peru, Because everyone has a civil registry office and that is where everything related to civil marriage is processed. wedding in turkey

However, lime, being one of the largest cities in the whole country, has been decentralized, and is located in the Avenida Seis de Agosto N ° 856 – Jesús María.

What to do when documents are collected?

After obtaining all the documents requested for the wedding, the bride and groom must go to the chosen municipality with all the necessary documentation to open your marriage file.

The person responsible for receiving the documents in the municipality will verify that the documents are in accordance with the request.

Later, The guardian will write down the day, time and location chosen for the wedding.

The ideal would be to carry out the entire process three months in advance so that the requested day is available.

get married in turkey

The clerk, in turn, will deliver the consultation for your medical examination, It is usually scheduled for the same week, seeking the comfort of the bride and groom in terms of hours, schedules.

Finally, they will receive the date when they can withdraw the marriage decree, Publish it in the local newspaper, and once published the clipping must be saved for the file of the same along with the other documents.

And we just have to wait for the big day, be sure to attend with your respective witnesses.

Is it necessary to present rings?

Not, In civil weddings in Peru it is not necessary to wear rings, however It is up to the couple.

It is recommended that if the bride and groom wish to give something as a gift, it is something that identifies them or their union, but that is different from the rings because there is a tradition of wearing them only after the ecclesiastical wedding.

requirements to get married

It is necessary to know the meaning of marriage and the commitment that it acquires, both for society and for the family that is formed from the union of a man and a woman.

Marriage is the commitment and the desire to stay with the chosen person for the rest of his life, or at least for a long period of time.

However, marriages do not always work, but in the event of failure, you can proceed to divorce and then remarry. There are no limits to divorced marriage, the only difference is the mandatory shipment of some documents.

If you are thinking of adopting a child, «These are the steps and requirements for adopting a child in Peru.»

The managers of the different municipalities in Peru recommend start collecting documents to consign well in advance, usually three months, in order to get the desired date for such an important day.

Usually, the bride and groom are dedicated to shipping documents, however, there are two requirements as important as the witnesses it’s him document proving participation in the preventive lecture, which is basically responsible for spreading the different sexually transmitted diseases and some general advice for life as a couple.

Before getting married, you should know the possible places that can serve as a venue for your big event and, of course, you should check the requirements for getting married in Peru.

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