Tramites y Requisitos para comprar una casa en España

We all have dreams and goals to achieve in life. Many of us dream of being able to obtain our own things and one of the things that many human beings have in common is being able to demonstrate to ourselves that we can work, strive and obtain our own things.

It is not just the material things that make us fulfill as people, the fulfillment of certain goals in our lives helps us to see our capabilities as far as we are able to go with our dedication, performance and discipline to succeed in life.

buy a house

Therefore, we want to help you so that you can have all the details you need to buy a house to your liking and that fits the budget you set out to invest in it. In that case, in Spain.

Requirements to buy a house in Spain

The vast majority of buyers of houses in spain they are Russians, French, Italians and Germans. Currently, the vast majority of Chinese have also entered Spanish soil to acquire houses.

The essential requirement to buy a house in Spain is to have the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number), since this identification card is a totally personal and unique number, being necessary and almost mandatory when making any type of transaction in the territory Spanish.

Documents required to buy a house

The documents to be consigned may vary according to the type of purchase you are going to make. The most advisable is to make the purchase with the guidance of a lawyer to avoid inconvenience, fraud or any other unfavorable situation.

We can cite the following as general documents:

  • Energetic certificate.
  • Writing.
  • Purchase contract.
  • Register.
  • IBI real estate taxes.
  • In addition, it was worth it.
  • Simple note.
  • Rent contract.

We will explain in more detail what each of these documents is about.

1. If the property or dwelling belongs to a natural person.

  • You must ask the seller for the identification number of the residential and real estate registry, to identify the owners of the property and check that everything is in order with the seller.
  • Check and verify if the property is in default with its debts or if it has a mortgage or pledge.
  • Go to the Real Estate Registry Office and request a simple note stating the solvency of the debts.
  • You must send proof of payment up to date with the President of the Community of Owners.
  • Check with the city if the seller is up to date with the IBI (Property Tax) or garbage payments.
  • Here you need the seller’s mandatory energy certificate.

2. If the house or property is owned or owned by an developer.

  • It is necessary and important the approval status of the project, the license for its construction, the Housing Register and the urban identity card.
  • If your purchase is outside the plan according to the amount to be received in the account, request the warranty policy.
  • When you have access to the property, check some aspects such as ten-year insurance, the horizontal division among other related aspects.

3. If the property is outside the plan.

  • Homologation by the City Council, building license, building adequacy certificate.
  • The building must be registered with the Property Registry.
  • Certified by the Board of Trade.
  • You must obtain from the seller: General plan of the complete property and the house to be purchased, a general description of the building where the house is for sale, of the same and of the services and common areas next to the property.
  • Budget indicating the total price with VAT, specifying also all the parts included in the sale of the property

How to process the sale of a house

To proceed with the purchase of a house it is necessary to have the corresponding amount in cash or to have some type of bank credit, the buyer must be sure to make the purchase of the house once the house has been seen and the documents evaluated of the own house . It is necessary that before making the purchase you have some kind of guidance from a lawyer to avoid scams, inconveniences, any other situation can harm the negotiation process.

In the case of foreigners, the process of buying a residential property is not easy, as it is necessary to have your NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) in order to make the purchase, it is a personal and exclusive number to carry out any type economic transactions in the country. With this document you can perform procedures as simple and basic as opening a bank account such as buying a house, a car or some type of property.

Spanish banks They offer a loan to foreigners who do not reside in the country, to finance their home without any inconvenience, in addition, there are mortgages fully reserved for them.

Payment to buy a house

We will detail all the payments that must be made when purchasing your home so that you can purchase it without any inconvenience.

The buyer must make all payments corresponding to it and these are based on:

  • Management in case of mortgage application
  • Pay all taxes
  • Carry out the public deed before the notary
  • Realize the municipal capital gain

The seller must cover the costs of the municipal capital gain, but the buyer must bear all remaining expenses. There is very little likelihood that they will be denied.

Cash payment

Most of the time, buyers are small or medium investors who want to buy in cash, most of the time they are people over 60 who prefer to do it so as not to have to go to the bank to apply for some type of credit and they invest so much time in it, but prefer the option of being able to make their payments directly with the seller and do their legal processing quickly.

Pay with credit

Nowadays you can search for a house in the urbanization you want, you can ask for help or an accessory in any real estate, although the vast majority of the population has chosen to search for houses online and be able to differentiate the different options of variables existing in the market.

  1. You should consider that banks offer a loan to buy a house and that it covers the budget of the one you want to buy
  2. Banks currently offer users financing of 80% of the value of the home
  3. The user must respect the financial capacity, keeping the mortgage within the proper limits
  4. You must select the bank that best suits you to make your purchase and that offers you the possibility to make payments in comfort and over a long period of time.

Approximate value of a house in Spain

The cost of a house in Spain can be very variable, it depends on the area where you want to live, for example in the Almacha area a house can cost € 30,100, the house can be quite spacious measuring about 60 square meters divided into a living room living room, kitchen, large patio and 3 bedrooms

It is a wide variety of sales that you can get to know through the different pages that are found on the Internet, in the region and municipality where you most want to live.

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