Trámites y Requisitos para empadronarse en Barcelona

If you wish to move your residence to the city of Barcelona, ​​you must complete some processes for a successful completion. In this article, we show you what the Procedures and requirements you need to register in Barcelona.

registration in barcelona

We often gain new opportunities in unfamiliar places and lose them for fear of not being able to complete all the necessary processes, as we believe that they are very complicated and that in the end they will not be worth it. Barcelona is a wonderful destination full of cultural and sports activities that will leave you open-mouthed and wanting more.

It is also one of the most important capitals in Spain, where the economy and the pace of work are always in constant motion. Find out how you can become an active member of the Catalan community and comply with its regulations and procedures. So you can enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that this city has to offer.

Requirements to register in Barcelona

What is the record? It is the type of procedure that the Autonomous Communities propose as a census process for the population residing in that Province. This type of process will have to be carried out by law if you decide to stay more than six months in any location.

This registration will also be necessary to access health and education services, as it is the first document you will have to process after your arrival.

It specifically serves the following purposes:

register in spain

  • Request regularization of residence or work permits.
  • Access to municipal assistance services (for example, social assistance).
  • Obtaining administrative documents, such as social security.
  • Obtain a driver’s license or regulate a driver’s license depending on the country of origin.
  • Enrollment in primary schools, secondary schools, universities.

Now, it’s important to know who can apply for registration:

Older adults, who have the possibility to register and register the members of their family unit, in this unit the couple and their common children are considered, provided they reside in the same municipality.

Legal representatives of minors or people with disabilities or who need the help of third parties to carry out daily activities.

Documentation for registering in Barcelona

Before going to the registry, you must have the following documents and requirements in hand:

  1. The registration form or registration form (available at the office or at Web page)
  2. Document proving your identity: Passport, DNI, Residence Card, NIE, etc. (photocopy and original).
  3. Proof of address:

If you are tenant, rental agreement or authorization signed by the owner (photocopy and original).
If you are owner, You must bring the deed of the property, purchase and sale contract (photocopy and original).

Note: If you live without a contract, you will need a copy of Simple note.

Document proving that the apartment is owned by its owner. The owner must request the Simple Note with this web page. Its price is 20 euros (the process takes about 3 days). If you need immediate delivery, the price will be around 26 euros. In addition to the Simple Note, you must present a copy of the apartment owner’s ID.

registration procedures and requirements

To certify the identity of the candidates

The issuance of this document certifies that it is really you who register in the locality, in this case, Barcelona. This certification can be individual or collective, that is, of your family group, as long as they reside at the same address.

If you do this certification in person, you just have to fill out a form. On the other hand, if you do it by phone or online, you will be asked for your personal data: ID or passport, address, your name and your two surnames.

The cost of this procedure is borne by the City Council, so you will not have to pay anything.

To authenticate the impersonation

If the legal representative wants to register his client, the necessary documents will be the same as in the previous section. The only thing that varies is that you need to manage an authorization that the person represented consents to and approves that you are performing this procedure on your behalf. In addition to the authorization, you will need a photocopy and original of your identity document (DNI or passport).

How to process the registration process?

barcelona procedures and requirements

This process can be carried out in three ways: it can be in person, online or by phone.

If you do this in a way face to face You must go to the City Hall on the date indicated in your appointment, previously requested on the City Hall website. Be punctual in the service hours scheduled in your appointment, to avoid inconvenience and bad times. You continue to deliver the documentation that we explained in the previous section, depending on your specific case. Then, the city team will be in charge of processing your application. And the referred registration will be made by this same team.

On the other hand, if you want to do it through the modality connected, you must complete the form on your computer. Then, you will receive an application form with instructions for filling it out by regular mail, at the same address where you want to register. Within one month you should also send, by regular mail, the same documentation as indicated in the previous section. Once the process has been completed, you will receive a coexistence leaflet attesting your registration with the municipal registry.

The last way that we present to you is through telephone where you call 010 from the Barcelona City Council where you are asked for your personal data. Then, you will receive, at the registration address, instructions for formalizing the process, the registration form and information related to the documentation.

From this moment on, you have one month to send the application and documentation. Then you can consult the registration details in the coexistence leaflet that you will receive by regular mail.

Places to register in Barcelona

Barcelona City Hall

Remember that you will only need a physical address if you decide to proceed with processing in person.

Below, we provide a link that will redirect you to all Offices where you can process the application for registration in Barcelona. You will also find maps to help you locate yourself to find the one that best suits you and is closest to you. Opening hours are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Benefits of registering

The advantages of being registered in a city are numerous, it is certainly a legal procedure that you must comply with, but in addition you will have multiple benefits after performing this process.

The benefits range from being able to have a health card and having a family doctor at the health center that addresses you (depending on the neighborhood or area where you live), to enjoying discounts at certain establishments because you are registered in a certain location. You may also have the right to vote or apply for a place at a public school for your children.

Can you register in one place?

Yes, it is not legal to register in more than one location and it also has some disadvantages.

The municipal census is used to register the neighboring population of a community. This allows the state to organize and manage resources according to the people who live there according to sex, nationality, age, among others. Registration has multiple benefits, such as reducing and reducing the cost of some basic health services. In addition, the City Council of the city in which you reside acquires or assumes certain responsibilities regarding your medical care, which are considered as soon as you are registered.

If you are a person who is not static and travels constantly, you must register in the city where you live most of the time in a year. The tax and the domain of registration must be the same, in order to locate you at the time of complying with your tax obligations which will finally be paid in your medical security and in your old age. Therefore, if you decide to move, you will not only have to register again in the new area in which you are located, but you will also have to update your data with the Treasury to avoid tax problems.


Record validity time

The registration is valid for two years and, if you want to keep it, you must not forget to renew it. Thus, if you want to request regularization by rooting afterwards, you have to keep the record for three years without expiring, so it is important that you remember this procedure.

As you can see, processing the registry does not appear to be a difficult and complicated procedure. It is part of one of the many mandatory formalities that have a positive impact on our daily lives. Therefore, if you have not yet registered, access your computer and request an appointment or go to the City Hall of your region and keep up with your paperwork. You’ll find it will be quick and very useful when you really need it!

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