Tramites y Requisitos para entrar a Estados Unidos desde Chile

The United States is one of the countries that most want to be visited by all inhabitants of Latin America and much of the world, but due to the different situations presented in recent years, Americans created a series of conditions for people outside their country, they can enter respecting the Laws established in the regulations of their Constitution.

People who decide to enter the country can only stay legally for a period of time. If you have not seen and the requirements to stay in the different cities and regions of the country for a long time, you will not be able to enter.

Requirements for entering the United States from Chile

Chileans who request or wish to travel to the United States for work or tourism reasons must access the Visa Waiver visa extension program, which allows them to visit the United States for a period of 90 days, without the need for a visa.

To access the United States through this benefit, citizens must comply with the following:

  1. Have a round-trip or continuity ticket from a participating transport company
  2. Have approval to travel on the Electronic Travel Authorization System
  3. Have a validated electronic passport
  4. The reason for the visit should be for business, tourism or transit
  5. The length of stay must be 90 days

state requirements

How to travel to the United States from Chile

Chile is one of the countries that offers the greatest opportunities and facilities for traveling to the United States, One of the great benefits of traveling from Chile to the United States is that you will not need to hire travel assistance to the United States or some type of insurance, although we advise and guide all travelers to be protected, as in the United States medical costs are high. .

It is important that your passport is valid at least 6 months before it expires and that you board the flight to the United States.

Documents for traveling to the United States

Know all the necessary documents to be able to make your trip to the United States, it is essential that each traveler has a valid passport, regardless of the destination of their trip or the time that will last in the country to which they are going.

It is mandatory all the documentation that the traveler must obtain in order to make his trip, Those who do not comply with the conditions set out in the requirements run the risk of paying fines and missing the flight.

The requirements for entering any country are variable, both outgoing and incoming documents can be different most of the time, so travelers should take this into account

For all information, we recommend accessing the official United States Government portal where you can find detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date information to plan a successful trip.

All passengers must carry the following:

  1. Electronic passport and valid physical passport
  2. Visa for the United States
  3. Insurance in case of not being able to afford the corresponding expenses in case of emergency.


Flights to the United States

There is a wide range of prices when traveling to the United States and anywhere in the world., people when traveling seek and consider the areolíneas that provide a quality service, and also give its users the opportunity to take advantage of the costs to which they can have access, this time we will be able to classify each of the areolíneas and the companies that offer their high quality travel services to all those who wish to travel from Chile to the United States , taking into account that for many this trip can mean a lot in their lives, be it for business, tourism or study. Where the services of each areolíneo will offer the opportunity to each one of its users to be able to transfer them to the predicted destination.

Currently, the corresponding airlines offer tickets from Chile to the United States at a cost of:

  1. Flight from Santiago de Chile to New York $ 664
  2. Flight from Santiago to Miami, FL
  3. Santiago de Chile to Los Angeles California 604 $
  4. Santiago de Chile to Orlando 646 $
  5. Santiago de Chile to Washingthon, Washingthon DC 807 $
  6. Santiago de Chile to San Francisco $ 735
  7. Santiago de Chile to Salt Lake City $ 889
  8. Santiago de Chile to Dallas 714 $
  9. Santiago de Chile to Houston $ 720
  10. Santiago de Chile to Atlanta 952 $

In this way, the prices of travel from Santiago de Chile to the different cities and regions of the United States of America are currently classified.

Areolíneas from Chile to the United States

Through the following airlines you can compare the most affordable prices for flights departing from Chile to the United States

  • Areolineas Aereomexico offers flights from Santiago de Chile to New York
  • Areolineas Copa offers flights from Santiago de Chile to New York
  • Areolineas Copa offers flights from Santiago de Chile to Los Angeles
  • Areolineas Aereomexico offers flights from Santiago de Chile to Orlando
  • Areolineas A. Argentinas United offers flights from Santiago de Chile to New York
  • Areolineas Latam America offers flights from Santiago de Chile to Chicago
  • Areolineas A. Argentinas United offers flights from Santiago de Chile to New York
  • Areolineas A. Argentina offers flights from Santiago de Chile to Miami (December)
  • Areolineas A. Argentina offers flights from Santiago de Chile to Miami (January)

Travel insurance

To enter the United States safely, You must be prepared because for security reasons, although any human being enjoys the well-being of being completely healthy, For safety reasons, our recommendation is that each traveler purchase their travel insurance, sometimes any incident can occur, be it a minor injury, or catching a virus that is in the atmosphere, or perhaps the change of climate has some consequences, or in the most extreme cases, losing your personal documentation or baggage.

Having to face any of these various situations without travel insurance is not easy, Through this article, we will offer some travel insurance alternatives that you can quote according to your financial availability.

We remind you that travel insurance is not mandatory to enter the United States, but as a security measure we recommend that each person entering this country can have it, as the costs of medical and emergency care are high. A consultation for any emergency is no more than $ 300.

Our recommendation is that you can take out insurance with a minimum coverage of $ 50,000 travel without any kind of risks or worries when having any inconvenience and thus being able to guarantee any type of medical care.

United States travel insurance coverage offers you:

  1. Emergency Dentistry
  2. Replacement of medical expenses
  3. Money transfer
  4. Monitoring of minors
  5. Title advancement
  6. Sanitary Transfer
  7. Baggage search and location
  8. Covers hotel expenses for convalescence
  9. Transmission of Urgent Messages
  10. Guaranteed Concierge Service
  11. Among many other benefits to ensure the protection of travelers!

What to do in the United States

The United States has the most emblematic and beautiful places on its continent, the most visited places are the gardens of New York, its different squares and restaurants, the most visited places are among Northern California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Washington. Among others.

In the United States you can have fun in an unforgettable way, visiting the different museums that exist in the United States, among them is the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and the San Francisco Museum. In addition, you can also enjoy New York’s great historic monuments, called the Flatiron Building, and the historic monument on Washington’s United States Capitol.

Among other places of great representativeness in the country, such as Los Angeles street where the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Not to mention the great shows that exist throughout the country, where all its visitors can enjoy the splendid art that exists in the United States of America, and where the landscape and the climate involve all visitors to enjoy this beautiful country, full of life , fraternity and love among the people who inhabit it.

That embarking on this great trip is one of your greatest and best adventures, be sure to follow each of the steps, documentation and recommendations that we offer you in our article, so that you can enjoy your stay in this beautiful country. All the information contained in our article is to benefit you as a traveler and to have a successful trip.

The best adventure of any human being is to experience your destiny on high, to know, to live, to undertake and never to give up. We say goodbye with the satisfaction that everything we share today through our research can give you the necessary basis for the process required by the United States Government and be able to be one of the visitors of this nation and thus enjoy everything that covers it. the beauty of this country.

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