Trámites y Requisitos para entrar a la FACH

Have you ever seen a jet in the sky and wanted to be the pilot? Well, that is possible! You just need to know the Requirements to enter FACH (Chilean Air Force).

«Defending the Republic of Chile through the control and use of airspace for their own benefit, participate in the surface battle and support their own forces and friends, in order to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives that the National Policy will. fixed in the Armed Forces ”(FACH Mission)

Requirements for joining the Chilean Air Force

If you consider yourself an act of military service, start applying to be admitted to FACH!

Help FACH in its mission. And have the opportunity to live the experience of your life.

What is the FACH?

O Chilean Air Force (FACH) is the air wing of the Chilean Armed Forces. Its job is to defend, maintain and guarantee national security and sovereignty over the airspace of the Republic of Chile.

Its current commander-in-chief is Air General Arturo Merino Núñez. He took over the Military Aviation School in 1928. He took care of the organization of several aerodromes throughout Chile, mainly in the north of the country to meet the needs of civil aviation and the Air Force itself.

The Air Force was established by Supreme Decree No. 1167 of March 21, 1930.

«How fast toward the stars» – slogan of the FACH.

Air school.  Requirements to enter FACHRequirements to enter FACH

The requirements for entering the FACH will depend on the stage of the process you are in. Next, we will indicate the requirements according to the stage:

Requirements which are recorded in the initialization phase

  • Be Chilean according to paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 10 of the Political Constitution of the Republic.
  • Be 18 years old on January 1 of the year of admission.
  • Have less than 23 years on 1 January of the year of admission.
  • Be studying or have passed the 4th year of high school.
  • current concentration notes of approved courses of high school.

Requirements that are verified in the pre-selection phase

  • Have a minimum height of 1.60 m and 1.56 m in men and women.
  • No piercing or expansions.
  • No visible tattoos when wearing regular clothing (includes swimming trunks for men and one-piece swimsuit for women).
  • Single, divorced or widowed.
  • No children or pregnant.
  • Present a medical certificate attesting to good health to do a physical ability test.
  • Have compatible health and psychophysical skills to serve in the Chilean Air Force.
  • Background present a certificate for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.
  • Have the Military Status up to date, presenting a certificate of such condition issued by the Canton of Recruitment or General Directorate of National Mobilization. In case of effective fulfillment of the Military Service, having been licensed with Valer Militar and Good Conduct.
  • Not be convicted, prosecuted or ordered to open an oral trial or charge for a simple crime or offense, which is accredited with a Notarial Statement.

Entry requirementsFACH Schools

  • They were selected at the end of the registration process.
  • Be 18 years old on January 1 of the year of admission.
  • Maintain a single, divorced or widowed status.
  • No children or pregnant.
  • Having passed the 4th year of high school.
  • Deliver the High School License.
  • No piercing or expansions.
  • No visible tattoos when wearing regular clothing (includes swimming trunks for men and one-piece swimsuit for women).
  • Completed all stages of the application process.
  • Present compatible psychophysical and health skills to serve in the Chilean Air Force.
  • Not be convicted, prosecuted or ordered to open an oral trial or charge for a simple crime or felony.
  • Provide true records throughout the process.

Documents to enter the FACH

In order to comply with the FACH entry requirements, it is necessary to accredit all the information requested.

Identification document, background, certified notes, registration form.

FACH application datesRequirements to enter the FACH (Chilean Air Force).

For the Aviation School, the process starts between late August and early September, and ends in December. In the case of the School of Specialties, the process begins in July. Both require:

  • Knowledge exams and psychological tests.
  • Determination of personal aptitudes.
  • Determination of physical and medical fitness.

The dates may change at the discretion of the FACH entities, so for more information, you can call them at their contact numbers.

If you wish to enter the Aviation School, you must call the Cadet Admission phone number +56 2 29761112.

If you wish to enter the Specialty School, you must call the Student Admission phone number+56 2 29761005.

Salary at FACH

Young people graduate from these schools with the title of officer in their respective field, along with their specialization. And because they belong to the institution, they have a guaranteed place, unlike in other careers, where finding a job can be a concern.

Recent graduates of officers’ schools receive a gross salary of more than $ 800,000. Although this is increasing as they move up the ranks, exceeding $ 3 million when they reach the rank of Colonel or his comparison.

It should also be considered that uniformed people have the option of living in public households, due to frequent transfers. Where they must cancel a small maintenance, which can reduce their monthly expenses.

For a more detailed reference, insert the Director Compensation Scale given by the Chilean Government.

know the requirements to enter the FACH

FACH School

The Chilean Air Force has a number of schools, which we will describe below:

Aviation school

It is the campus of Higher Education. Its mission is to carry out the comprehensive training process for Aviation Cadets. Instructing and graduating them as officers of the Chilean Air Force.

Specialty School

The School of Specialties “Sergeant 1st Adolfo Menadier Rojas” is the establishment destined to carry out the process of training the Permanent Staff that the Air Force of Chile needs to carry out its mission.

Air Warfare Academy (AGA)

It is the organization of higher education that the Chilean Air Force has. Whose task is directed to the training and qualification of the Officers for their performance as Commanders of Units and Command Advisers in Institutional or Joint Boards, through the development of teaching, research and extension activities.

Enter the requirements to enter the FACH (Chilean Air Force)Aeronautical Polytechnic Academy

The Aeronautical Polytechnic Academy «Air Brigade General Hugo Fuentes Fuentes» is the Institute of Higher Education of the Chilean Air Force.

NCO Training School

It is the body responsible for delivering new knowledge and skills to Permanent Staff and Public Administrative Officials.

Military service

It is the incorporation of citizens into the Armed Forces for a specified period to acquire knowledge, acquire skills and obtain basic training as a military man. To be able to participate actively in National Defense and support the country in cases of internal emergencies or catastrophes.

Professional troop soldier

A Professional Trooper is a combatant highly trained to conduct ground operations as a sniper, light or medium machine gun operator; sniper, grenade launcher or mortar selected; or motor vehicle driver.

Races that are dictated

Aviation school: The specialties of War Pilot, Aeronautical Engineers, Air Defense, Telecommunications and Informatics and Administration are carried out.

Specialty School: The institute prepares students as senior technicians in the functions of Air Defense, Air Crew, Maintenance and Armament, Communications and Electronics and Administrative, in charge of civilian and military teachers.

Air War Academy: At AGA, Officers are trained and trained to act as Unit Commanders and Command Advisers in institutional or joint staffs.

Requirements to enter the FACH of Chile

Aeronautical Polytechnic Academy: It is responsible for training the Officers in the Aeronautical Engineering, Air Defense, Electronics and Administration careers that the Institution requires.

NCO Training School: courses for Senior NCO and Supervisor. Educational Supervisor, Maintenance Inspector, Technical Instructor, Aerospace Safety and others, as needed.

Military service: Those selected will not only be able to receive military education, but will also have the possibility to level their schooling studies and receive training for the job. Likewise, they can pursue a military career in the Air Force, as a Professional Trooper Soldier, or join one of the Parent Schools.

FACH membersProfessional troop soldier: The future Soldiers of the FACh Professional Troop begin their training as students of the Advanced Military Air Courses of the School of Specialties, an academic instance in which their initial training is standardized.

Study time at FACH

At the Aviation School for four years, this institute has been transmitting intense leadership programs to its cadets.

While at the Specialty School, it’s for two years. Through a comprehensive and rigorous academic training program that combines academic, military, physical and value aspects.

In other schools, it will depend on your performance.

process your FACH admission

Benefits of FACH

In addition to fulfilling its main role in defense by protecting national airspace, the Chilean Air Force carries out various missions to support the inhabitants of our country.

Because these actions are part of the commitment to Chilean society. It is its versatility that allows it to use part of its capabilities in favor of citizenship.

The FACH has many benefits because it is in accordance with the following characteristics:

  • FACh plays a key role in transporting specialists, rescuers and authorities, the wounded, the sick, isolated people, humanitarian aid, food, water, medicine, among others.
  • It has medical operations and transfer of students, which benefit Chileans and others.
  • Air search and rescue service.
  • The International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE) has become an effective commercial platform. This reflects trends and developments in applied science in the aerospace, defense and security fields. It is also one of the best showcases for Chileans, of all ages, to learn about aviation development.
  • It is part of peace operations around the world.
  • The space and satellite development that the Chilean Air Force has led over the past 20 years. It is also a significant milestone in its contribution to national development.

FACH Ceremony

These are the requirements to enter the FACH, if you are a viable candidate, register now!

You will enjoy the educational, economic and moral benefits of this great career.

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