Trámites y Requisitos para Grado Superior en España

If you are thinking about preparing for the entrance exam, here you can find the steps, requirements and all the information that will give you access to the Professional Training CycleI.

This will mark your future work and help you to grow as a person and as a professional. Are you ready to change your future now?

Degree Procedures in Spain

What is the Higher Degree?

It is the fastest way to access the job market, without giving up specialized and quality studies.

Higher-level training cycles are the last link in Vocational Training in Spain.

That is, they offer the highest level of learning, above Basic Professional Training and High School Cycles.

It is a good option in all areas, as it will give you a good level of employability, but it will also offer you more advanced study possibilities.

Higher education requirements

It is structured in two academic courses, during which theoretical and practical instruction is received.

In addition to the class subjects, organized in modules.

It is mandatory to carry out a training stay in a company, that is, an internship.

This internship period does not imply any contractual link.

Its objective is to prepare the student for entry into the job market.

This experience can be the strength of your future curriculum.

If you are interested in taking a higher level training cycle, you should consider these aspects:

  • You can do it in person or remotely. In the case of distance learning, the duration of the training cycle is adapted to your needs as a student
  • The offer is wide and varied. You can choose from 150 courses, spread across 26 different families.
  • Some of the most prominent families are Health, Image and Sound, Hospitality and Tourism or Personal Image
  • You can consider studying outside Spain, as they have a very interesting offer of scholarships abroad

Study a higher diploma in SpainHigher education requirements in Spain

To start enjoying Higher Education Professional Training.

You must first make sure that you meet these conditions:

  1. Have a bachelor’s degree or an accreditation certificate.
  2. Have spent the second year of any type of experimental Bachelor’s degree.
  3. He has technical training, that is, Medium Degree Professional Training.
  4. Have the title of Superior Technician or Specialized Technician.
  5. Be approved in the University Orientation Course (COU) or in the Pre-university entrance exam.
  6. Have some university degree.
  7. Have passed the test of Access to Higher Education Training Cycles.
  8. You must be at least 19 years old. (If you have the title of Coach, the age drops to 18 years).
  9. Have passed the university entrance test for people over 25.

Benefits of having higher level professional training

As always, choosing one option or the other has its pros and cons.

In the case of Vocational Training, the advantages are not few:

  • Encourages the exercise of professional activity
  • It combines theoretical and practical content.
  • It analyzes the organization and characteristics of the corresponding productive sector: mechanisms for professional insertion, labor legislation, etc.
  • Consolidate teamwork and develop critical skills
  • Boost creativity, innovation and business initiative
  • Promotes the use of technologies necessary for the execution of the work
  • Promotes foreign language learning for professional development

Take a college course in SpainWhat titles can be obtained?

At the end of the training, you will be accredited with the title of Superior Technician in your area of ​​study.

This academic recognition is official and has the same validity throughout the state.

So, it makes no difference whether you have completed your studies in an autonomous community or another.

In addition to opening the doors to the job market, training cycles also expand your study options.

You can specialize as a Senior Technician in the following areas:

  • Administration of Network Information Systems (ASIR):

You will learn about the implementation and administration of computer systems in LAN, multiuser and single user environments.

  • Travel agencies and event management:

He will train you as a travel agent and event manager so you can start a profession.

  • Management Assistance:

It aims to train a professional whose function is of an administrative nature closely related to the organization and interpersonal relationships of the different departments that make up the company.

  • Multiplatform application development:

With this training you will be able to develop your activity performing your work in the development of multiplatform computer applications in several areas: business and business management, customer relations, education, leisure, mobile devices and entertainment, among others.

  • Administration and Finance:

It will prepare itself to correctly perform the management of legal and business documentation, the integral processes of commercial activity, the management of human, financial, accounting, logistical and commercial resources of an organization and / or company.

Assimilate the keys of didactics aimed at children. You will also see how to introduce the use of English in education.the best opportunities to study a higher degree in Spain

  • Social integration:This degree offers the possibility of professional preparation for direct contact with people, within the scope of social work.

You will learn about the marketing policies and how to develop a plan, digital marketing strategies marked by the inter-relationship with the network users.

  • Construction projects:

You will be able to intervene in the preparation of written documentation of construction projects, preparing reports, specifications, measurements, budgets and other necessary studies, using computer applications.

  • Senior Transport and Logistics Technician:

Get to know the processes and peculiarities of the transport and logistics process to get to know the sector and prove your knowledge for practice in it.

  • Health management and documentation:

You will understand how to manage prescriptions, discharge, allocation of beds and provision of other health services to patients / users, ensuring compliance with processes and quality levels.

These are just to name a few, because there are a multitude of courses.Complete your Higher Degree Procedures and Requirements in Spain

Higher grade exemptions

It is up to the Education Administrations to regulate the exemption of the parts of the tests, since each Autonomous Community has its own regulation in this respect.

But there can be two types of exemptions: common part and specific part.

Anyone who attests to a professional experience equivalent to one year in the professional area of ​​the studies he intends to study may be excused from the specific part of the entrance exam.

Likewise, a person who has passed a medium level training cycle related to the one he wants to access or has a Certificate of Professionalism at a certain level related to the cycle he wants to complete.

If you have passed the entrance exam for the University for those over 25 years old, it is not necessary to attend any part of the test, as it is a Total Exoneration.

Where can I submit the Higher Degree Test?

The Higher Education Access Test is organized by each Autonomous Community, so you should go to the nearest Ministry of Education Delegation for more information.

Higher education requirements in Spain

What do they ask in Higher Education Tests?

The entrance exam questions are quite simple.

However, you cannot trust it.

The best thing is that you prepare the agenda with a specialized academy and if you have online training even better.

The entrance exam for the Higher Degree has two different parts that you must have very clear and analyzed to be approved.

First, you must pass an exam on topics common to all vocational training courses.

Then, a more specific part according to the area. Let’s see what the tests are about!

  1. The common part of the higher grade access test:

    As we have already said, the test is the same for all Higher Level training cycles, so if you are not very sure about what to study, it will be good to do this part well prepared. The purpose of the test is to assess the student’s formative maturity and thus know whether one is in a position to access the professional training for which it is intended.

    The subjects you should prepare are the classics of any formation: Spanish Language and Literature, Foreign Language (where you can choose between English and French) and Mathematics.

    It is advisable to check, depending on the autonomous community in which you are preparing the access test, what are the characteristics of the exams, especially in relation to the language test.

  2. The specific part of the higher education entrance exam:

    This test is divided into three possibilities, depending on the professional training cycle you intend to enter, in any case, the test focuses on the basic concepts and knowledge necessary to be able to study the degree cycle you have chosen.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences:

It consists of the subjects that you should know for those courses that focus mainly on social sciences. The subjects you will need to prepare will be Geography, Economics (mainly based on the company) and History.

are the disciplines that correspond to the scientific-technological baccalaureate It is important to have a good curriculum to be able to prepare the exam, as it requires the preparation of disciplines such as Physics, Industrial Technology and the dreaded Technical Drawing.

FORHere we find the typical themes of the biosanitary bachelor’s degree. You must prepare the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Know the procedures for the higher degree

We hope this information has been helpful to you!

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