Trámites y Requisitos para ser diputado en Guatemala

Deputy is an official belonging to the State, whose purpose is to represent the people in all political activity or other activity that is the responsibility of the population. The requirements for being a deputy in Guatemala are detailed below.


Requirements to be a deputy in Guatemala

The Organic Law of the Legislative Body establishes that Members, individually and collectively, must ensure the dignity and prestige of the Congress, being responsible to the Plenary Assembly and the Nation for their conduct. In short, they are the representatives of the people and the dignitaries of a nation.

The title of Article 162 of the Political Constitution of Guatemala establishes the requirements to be elected Deputy of the Congress of the Republic. This fragment explains the obligation to meet the following conditions:

  • Be of Guatemalan origin.
  • Be in the exercise of their rights as a citizen.


Consignment papers

The new regulation, approved on November 25, 2016, specifically regulates in Article 53, that candidates must submit the following documents:

  • Sworn statement: where the applicant guarantees that he has not been a contractor of the State or any other entity that has received public funds in the last four years; in addition to its commitment not to acquire the status of contractor after registration and during the term of office.
  • CGC Certificate: required by the TSE, the indication that the applicant has no contracts in his name or as a legal representative of a company in the execution of public works contracts.
  • Proof of Registration of Prequalified Works from the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing (CIV): which indicates that the politician does not appear as part of the registered company, as a project manager or legal representative.
  • Document legalized by the Commercial Registry: which indicates that the candidate for the popular election does not appear as the owner or legal representative of an individual or commercial company.
  • Letter from the Ministry of Finance: required by the TSE, where it appears that you are disqualified as a State contractor and that, on the date of submission of the registration form, you do not have any contract in force with the State or pending settlement.

Finally, the candidates responsible for the popular election must present in their process proofs of the absence of criminal and police records, issued by the Judiciary (JO) and the Directorate-General of the National Civil Police (PNC), respectively.

Steps to become a deputy

The steps to be a deputy in Guatemala are basically to fulfill the requirements set out above and collect the respective documents. Once these essential conditions are met, you must be aware on the Guatemala Congress website verify when submitting the formal application for membership to the said government entity.

requirements to be a deputy in Guatemala

Deputy functions in Guatemala

Its main functions include discussing and approving the laws that regulate the conduct of a given society. In bicameral countries, they generally constitute the lower chamber, while the upper chamber is composed of senators.

In general, its function is to legislate laws, represent citizens and supervise when necessary.

Mandate of a Member

It is established by law that the deputies of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala will have a term of five years and may be reelected.

Deputy Salary

According to the disc. 57-2008, called the Law on Access to Public Information, it was announced that Each deputy receives an approximate salary of Q. 29,000 per monthThey also enjoy labor benefits under the law.

How many deputies are there in Guatemala?

The Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala establishes that the Congress of the Republic will consist of deputies elected by the district system, and 25% of the national list, the latter. Currently, the Congress of the Republic is made up of 158 citizen deputies.

Congressional Functions in Guatemala

Among the functions and attributions that the Congress of the Republic receives established by law, the following are included:

The functions it performs are as follows:

  1. Derived, constituted or reforming function: which indicates that it can reform the Constitution through initiatives or projects.
  2. Role of representation and political leadership: the representation function has to do with the representation of society in general; and political direction, consists of guiding the main objectives proposed by the government of any country. It also consists of selecting the instruments and actions to achieve these objectives, in a long-term view on certain issues.
  3. Legislative or regulatory function: which consists of the ability to create, issue and formulate rules, as well as reform or revoke them, in strict compliance with the constitutional rules and those that the body itself created for its functioning. This function also involves the presentation of draft resolutions, legislative agreements and operative paragraphs.
  4. Public control and inspection function: It is summarized in ensuring that the exercise of the power of the Executive Power is maintained in accordance with the law, as well as monitoring the fulfillment of all the commitments it assumes, such as, for example, summoning different public servants to render accounts on certain matters. public.
  5. Political control function: indicates that they can communicate with Ministers and other authorities, to interrogate them about their actions within the post, if necessary, and thus take note of the charges that are made.
  6. Judicial function: it refers to when there is, or is not, a place for the initiation of judicial, criminal or other proceedings against the senior officials over whom it is responsible for the hearing in matters of instruction.
  7. Elective function: This function states that according to the Constitution and the laws, they must choose those responsible for them, according to the procedures prescribed in the same regulation.
  8. Protocol function: This assignment indicates that it is authorized to receive Heads of State and Government from other countries; including when the President of Congress takes and receives the oath of law from senior state officials.


Likewise, at the beginning and at the end of his sessions, when the Vice President becomes President of the Republic due to the President’s absolute absence, also when national celebrations are celebrated and on any other occasion that requires it.

  1. Administrative role: states that the deputy establishes his own organization and functioning through his legal and regulatory rules.
  2. Budget function: because it corresponds to approve, disapprove or modify the State Expenses and Revenue Budget sent by the Executive Branch.
  3. Function in military affairs: It has the important power to declare war or peace, allowing the passage of a foreign army or the establishment of foreign military bases in the national territory. Ultimately, also ignoring the termination of the President’s constitutional mandate, in which case the Army would be under his command, as established in article 165, literal g.
  4. Other functions: which consist of those assigned to them by the Constitution and other laws; for example, the call for general elections when the Supreme Electoral Court did not hold them on the date set by law (Article 169 of the Constitution), as well as the initiative to carry out an advisory procedure called by the aforementioned electoral body (Article 173 of the Constitution) .

Current Members in Guatemala

Currently, the Congress of the Republic is made up of 158 citizen deputies. Some of the most relevant deputy positions in Guatemala are as follows:

  • Block leaders: Alvaro Enrique Arzú Escobar, Amílcar de Jesús Pop Ac, Aníbal Estuardo Rojas Espino, Carlos Rafael Fión Morales, Eduardo Zachrisson Castillo, Erwin Enrique Alvarez Domínguez, Javier Alfonso Hernández Franco
  • Sub-Chiefs of the Block: Aracely Chavarría Cabrera de Recinos, Carlos Alberto Barreda Taracena, Carlos Enrique Chavarría Pérez, Carlos Napoleón Rojas Alarcón, Edna Azucely Soto Juárez de Kestler, Fernando Linares Beltranena, Haroldo Eric Quej Chen, Héctor Leonel Lira Montenegro, Leonel Lira Montenegro, Leonel Lira Montenegro Leonel Lira Haroldo Eric Quej Chen, Héctor Leonel Lira Montenegro, Héctor Leonel Lira Montenegro

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